“Most goals in a single season” monster Holan will come to Korea with the top scorer and championship cup

Manchester City’s monster striker Holan scored his 33rd Premier League goal, setting a new record for the most goals scored in a season under the current system.
Holan, who is set to visit Korea this summer, is now challenging to conquer 34 goals in a season, the most in the past system.
I’m reporter Choi Hyungkyu.

Holan, who preheated with an exquisite pass that led to The Bruyne’s first goal and a wedge goal, did not miss a golden opportunity that came just before the end of the game.

He hit the penetration pass right into the penalty box with his left foot and scored the team’s fourth goal. 카지노사이트

Holan, who scored his 33rd goal in the league, was named the most scorer in a season under the 38-game system changed since 1995.

“There is only one goal left in Liverpool’s Salah’s record of 32 goals five years ago, a season-high 34 goals since the Premier League’s launch.

The record, which came 28 years ago, was made in a 42-game system, and as Holan still has seven games left, he can break the record and surpass the league’s first 40 goals.”

“Holan is fantastic. He scored as many goals as he could, but he also participated in the play.”

Manchester City, which defeated Arsenal, the leader competing for the championship, by two points, is likely to win a come-from-behind victory,

Soccer fans are paying keen attention to whether Holan will come to the Korean friendly match in July with the “Golden Boot” and the trophy that Son Heung-min won last season.

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