“More than 100 balls, almost 8 years” KIA 153km Fireballer’s Great Reversal…Six colors attractive, 11 consecutive innings of “secret”

Will Crow (30, Kia Tigers) did not consistently play as a starting pitcher in the U.S. There were seasons when he played as a relief pitcher. Still, he gained ample experience as a starting pitcher by earning 10 wins in total in the Major League. Above all, he throws balls around 150 kilometers per hour, but mixes various pitches.

According to Statiz, a baseball statistics site, Crow pitches in the order of four-seam, slider, change-up, two-seam, cutter and curveball this season. Sliders are also mixed with sweeper. As the four-seam average for this season is 149.1 kilometers, if it works properly, the pitcher can be untouchable.

However, he allowed six hits (one homer) and five strikeouts, one walk and five runs (four earned) in five ⅔ in the opening game against the Kiwoom Heroes on March 23, and six hits (one homer) and five strikeouts and three walks in four ⅓ in the game against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on March 30. He did not look like him when he pitched a perfect four-inning pitch at 154 kilometers in the exhibition game.

Such cropping has clearly revived in the recent two games. In the game against the Samsung Lions in Gwangju on Saturday, he allowed two hits, struck out three, walked three in five innings, and allowed two runs (non-earned) in the game against the LG Twins in Gwangju on Sunday. Notably, he gave two runs before he had an out count in the first inning due to an error that included his pitch to check the first base. However, he pitched stable until the sixth inning. It was the best pitch of this season.

How did this happen? According to data provided by Kia, the Crow had four-seam, change-up, slider, sweeper, two-seam and curveball in order. Four-seam maximum is 153 kilometers. SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol, who broadcasted the game, said in the beginning that the biggest difference between Crow and Nail was the movement of the ball.

Crow also has two-seam and sweeper that move at home plate like nails, but it moves less than James Nail, so even if the ball is faster, it feels more clean to hitters. However, Crow’s movement in each game against LG revived as he continued innings.

Crow uses an authentic sweeper. Even if the ball is a little off, he throws a sweeper with a lot of movement. LG used only 10 left-handed hitters, but it had the effect of imprinting that there was such a pitch. The movement was bigger than in the previous games.

Also, catcher Han Jun-su said, “The slider was controlled low.” Compared to the previous game, it was effective to reduce the changeup a little and use more sliders. With various types of pitches, the pitch design is bound to be endless. It has the advantage of being able to keep changing it depending on the condition of the day and the data of the opposing hitters.

As such, Crow has recently recorded 11 consecutive innings of self-imposedness with its six-colored charm. The ERA was also lowered to 3.86. Nail is already recognized as an ace, but the original ace was Crow. For KIA to gain momentum in the long-term race, the presence of a foreign one-two punch is the most important.

“I started the game by giving two runs in the first inning, but I was not swayed by the atmosphere and threw it according to my game plan,” Crow said through his club. By focusing only on the match against batters, he was able to finish the game until the sixth inning without allowing any additional runs. It was a bit difficult as he pitched six innings or more than 100 pitches in almost eight years, but I am satisfied with his strength even after taking the mound in the sixth inning.” 스포츠토토

In addition, Crow said, “Before the game, we had a lot of discussions with Han Jun-su on how to deal with LG batters, and we made a game plan by referring to the help of the power analysis team and videos of opposing hitters. From the first pitch to the last, Han Jun-su and I worked well together. The pitches I play well in general.”

Lastly, Crowe said, “Many fans cheer for me every time I take the mound, which makes me even more encouraged. It is amazing to see them support me at home or away, and I will always be a player who meets those expectations.”

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