Monopoly Live/Evolution

The Game
Casino Games Everyone in the world knows how widely standard table games are popular.

Yes, the basic fees for blackjack, roulette, crab, baccarat, etc. alone are billions in losses and won in a month. (That’s not an exaggeration, it’s literally the amount of revenue that modern games work for.)

But other table games are incredibly profitable, too! Not to mention slots and video poker, Texas Holdham Poker, Omaha Poker, Pai Gow, Teen Patty, and Andar Bahar are among those to consider!

Now, Monopoly has been a hot topic in the online gaming industry for more than a few years (but not always for the right reasons). Somehow, Hasbro’s classic board game (which, anyway, is based on city planning in Atlantic City, New Jersey) has remained attractive among gamers since the early days of online gambling! 경마사이트

There are slot game versions, Keno style editions, and more versions to boot. This live dealer adaptation is more in common with wheel games than the above. But in this environment, you don’t have to fight over who’s the car and who’s the thimble!

Here, Evolution combines elements of the classic Monopoly board game with a live casino experience.

The game is hosted by live dealers and features large spinning wheels with different segments. Players place bets on different segments of the wheel, such as numbers and bonus features, and the wheel rotates. If the wheel touches the betted segment, it wins based on the odds associated with that segment.

There is also a bonus round that includes virtual dice rolling and interaction with the computer-generated Mr Monopoly character, which adds interest and engagement to the game.

It’s visually stunning with the animatronic version of the Mustaccio mascot, with a Monopoly-themed cityscape at the wheel and standing to the left of the action in a tuxedo that many in the game are paying attention to. He usually cares about his job doing millionaire activities such as drinking tea and making smart remarks, but he sometimes jumps out of his seat to host a 3D bonus round.

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