Michigan iGaming Reports $210.4M In September Revenue For Sports Betting Operators

Michigan’s commercial and tribal operators reported a combined $210.4 million in total revenue from internet games and sports betting in September. Total earnings are up 20% compared to last August’s performance.

Total iGaming revenue totaled $166.4 million in September and total sports betting revenue totaled $44 million. Total revenue for iGaming in August 2023 was $152.2 million and total revenue for sports betting was $23.2 million.

Total iGaming and Internet Sports Betting Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) for September was $168.5 million, including $149.8 million in iGaming and $18.7 million in Internet Sports Betting, up 9.2% and 17.8% compared to August 2023, respectively. iGaming AGR is down 29.3% and sports betting is down 31.1% compared to revenue reported in September 2022.

Total Internet sports betting handles were $457.7 million, up $239.2 million from $218.5 million recorded in August 2023. 파친코

Operators reported $32.6 million in taxes and payments to Michigan during September:

  • Internet Game Tax and Fees: $31.3 Million
  • Internet Sports Betting Taxes and Fees: $1.3M

Three Detroit casinos reportedly paid $7.97 million in wages to the city in August. These include:

  • Internet Game Tax and Fees: $7.5M
  • Internet Sports Betting Taxes and Fees: $470,071

Tribal operators reported paying $4 million to the governing body last September.

Online gaming and sports betting revenue distribution tables are available on the agency’s website.

As of September, a total of 15 commercial and tribal operators were authorized to initiate iGaming and/or Internet sports betting, with 14 commercial and tribal operators currently offering Internet sports betting and 15 offering iGaming.

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