Maryland Sports Betting Donates $2.6M In August Week

According to the Maryland Lottery and Game Control Administration, the combined total of Aryland’s 12 retail and 12 mobile sportsbooks operated during August 2023 generated $2,555,671 in donations to the state. Each sportsbook contributes 15% of its taxable prize money to the Maryland Future Fund, which supports public education programs.

Across the state in August, handles totaled $263,729,559, with mobile handles accounting for 94.9% of the total at $250,360,244. Mobile Betting donated $2,457,709 to the state during the month of August, while Retail Sportsbook donated $97,962. 온라인경마

The state’s sports betting market added two new retail sportsbooks that carried out controlled demo dates during the last week of August. Canton Gaming and its operations partner, Pax Interactive, held controlled demonstrations at Green Turtle in Canton on August 28 and 30, and opened on September 1. Whitman Gaming and its operating partner, FanDual, held a controlled demonstration at Sports & Social in North Bethesda on August 29, August 31, and opened on September 2.

The controlled demonstration must be completed successfully by the sportsbook operator for real-time betting and before Maryland Lottery and Gaming can issue an operating permit. Cantone Gaming And Whitman Gaming Controlled Demonstration Date Earnings Are Included In August Earnings Report.

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