Lyon, a prestigious ‘seven-time champion’ in League 1, is on the verge of relegation for the first time in 34 years

Olympique Lyon, a prestigious team in the Ligue 1, is on the verge of being demoted. This season, Lyon has posted disastrous results of one win, four draws and eight losses through the 13th round, ranking the lowest among the 18 teams. It is also lagging behind Clémont (2 wins, four draws and eight losses, 10 points). Unless something unexpected happens, the team is expected to be demoted.

Lyon is a prestigious team that boasts seven championships in the league and five runner-ups. It was the runner-up for the second consecutive season in 2014-16. Only five teams have won more championships than Lyon in the league, including PSG (11 times), Marseille (10 times), Saint-Etienne (10 times), Monaco (eight times), and Nantes (eight times).

Lyon, which it did, is experiencing its worst slump of the season. It has been extremely sluggish in 10 games since its opening, with four draws and six losses, without a single win. It reported its first league win on Nov. 13 with a 1-0 win over Rennes in round 12. Since then, Lyon has fallen to the abyss with back-to-back losses to Lille (0-2) and Lance (2-3).

Lyon has scored just 11 goals in 13 games. He allowed only 24 goals per game, 2.2 goals per game. This means that both offense and defense are in disarray. Alexandre Lacazette, who scored 27 goals last season to rank No. 2 in scoring after Kylian Mbappe (29 goals), has only scored three goals this season.

“Lyon, which is suffering from a serious slump this season, is most likely to be demoted. If Lyon is demoted, it will be the first time since 1989 that he will play in the French second division,” The Sun reported on Sunday.

There is an even bigger problem. Lyon, which never thought of relegation, rented out its home stadium as a concert venue for Taylor Swift, the queen of American pop, during the playoff schedule. 메이저 토토사이트

“It is a problem even if Lyon rebounded to move up to 16th and advance to the playoffs,” said The Sun. The playoff game will take place on June 2. However, Lyon has already lent its home stadium to Taylor Swift’s concerts for June 3 and 4. Taylor Swift has already sold out 60,000 seats. “Even if Lyon advances to the playoffs, it means that he has to play a neutral game.”

In Korea, IU will have a concert at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the day when Suwon Samsung hosts a playoff. Lyon was a powerhouse that advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League just three seasons ago. Local officials and fans are also baffled by the sudden collapse of a prestigious pro team. She looks so similar to Suwon Samsung.

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