Lotto Quebec once again put its efforts into a special holiday collection of lottery products that will make the season even more colorful and generous

This collection beats the expectations of lottery fans in many target groups and brings in a variety of scratch tickets that will make them rich in seconds.

Crown Corporation has prepared for the upcoming weeks to be memorable with a range of games available for purchase over the holiday season. The Christmas mood will be amplified this year as many Quebec players buy scratch tickets as gifts for their loved ones and themselves. The Riches des Petty is one of the premium tickets currently available.

The ticket costs 10 Canadian dollars and the golden tone is expected to have a warm impact on lottery fans. The prize money it brings to the table is about 250,000 Canadian dollars. There are four of the things that are ready to be snatched up soon. To qualify for one of them or some of the smaller cash payments, participants must scratch the lucky symbols and numbers on their tickets.

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With them, they should also scratch their symbols and numbers to see if they match. In addition to the four big prizes, there are three Canadian dollars, 50 Canadian dollars, and more. There is also a bonus game area where if they find three identical symbols, they can immediately bring 30 Canadian dollars to lucky players. Another rather popular scratch ticket offer is Mots Cachets in the holiday edition.

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It brings the traditional crossword game to a whole new level, with four prize money amounting to C$25,000 each. Tickets themselves cost 3 Canadian dollars, but the dividend opportunities are very large. Participants must scratch the letters one at a time and then find the same letters on the grid. If you find 3 to 10 words on a single ticket, you will be paid in cash. 온라인카지노사이트

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If you find 10 words, you will receive a maximum prize of C$25,000. Nine words receive a prize of Canada$1,000 and eight words receive a prize of Canada$300. If the winner finds the green word on the ticket, it doubles their final prize money. There is also a bonus game zone where you can win a $20 Canadian dollar prize as a second chance.

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For fans of the bingo game, there are also special holiday-themed tickets that cost three Canadian dollars. Bingo Edition Deppets allows the player to scratch the caller’s card printed on the ticket one by one. Each card should be followed by scratching the same number on the bingo card printed on the ticket. Since there is C$25,000 waiting for the winner, the payment that comes with this ticket is once again substantial.

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There are also lots of prize money of 50 Canadian dollars and 1,000 Canadian dollars and smaller prizes. Players should also keep in mind that if they find the gift box symbol printed on the ticket, they will receive a bonus game prize equivalent to 10 Canadian dollars.

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