“Losing weight again in winter…” Is “FA Twice” only successful in KIA? 34-year-old pushing master, “Yeonggam,” the main character of winter

I’ve had enough of my name for four years. He played only 85 games due to a hamstring injury in the 2020 season, but played 130 games, 140 games, and 119 games from 2021 to this season. In the case of this season, his ankle was not good from the beginning, so he was not in normal condition. On June 17, he was unlucky to take about three weeks off after being hit by a hit in the thumb by the NC Dinos’ Jason Martin. 토토

Ahead of the Gwangju NC match on the 16th, Shim Jae-hak picked a contract with Kim Sun-bin and non-FA as offseason tasks, but Choi Hyung-woo, who was classified as a candidate for a multi-year contract. KIA’s No. 1 task in the 2023-2024 offseason is to keep Kim Sun-bin and Choi Hyung-woo.

After the game on the 16th, Kim Sun-bin laughed and said, “It’s not something I can decide.” FA contracts are strictly based on their own judgment and choice, but the background is determined by the market environment. That’s not what he can do, as Kim Sun-bin said.

Kim boasts a career batting average of 0.303. This FA contract period also hit .300 without exception except last year. Commentators say that the ability to push to the right is the top class in the KBO League. He is a batter with a wide range of “contact coverage.” Although he is small in height, he can respond to various courses without shaking his batting posture.

This ability is not expected to decrease easily even if the physical ability decreases. Because it is the area of technology. That’s why he’s still a top-class second baseman. Although Kim Sun-bin may be treated in the FA market, there is a good chance that he will become one of the main characters of winter in his own way.

Kim Sun-bin said, “If you are here next year, you should definitely go to fall baseball.” Choi Hyung-woo (KRW 10 billion in four years in 2017 and KRW 4.7 billion in three years in 2021) is the only case of signing two FA jackpot contracts in KIA alone. Yang Hyun-jong signed a single-year contract at the time of the first FA. For Kim Sun-bin, he can leave his name in the club’s history if he decides to stay after being treated as well as he did four years ago by KIA.

Instead, Kim Sun-bin also recognizes what he needs to do in the offseason. It’s nothing but a diet. The idea is that weight control to manage physical strength and prevent injury is the start of the 2024 season. Kim Sun-bin said, “I have to lose weight again in winter. “I’m missing before the season, but I tend to gain weight during the season.”

The field’s assessment is that the scope of defense has decreased compared to previous years. However, Kim Sun-bin’s defense capability itself is not lower than in previous years. “I’m not losing weight because of the burden of defense. There is no pressure on defense. It’s because I’ve been injured since the beginning of this year. Treatment is the top priority, and then you have to lose weight,” he said. It is judged that maintaining an appropriate weight will prevent injury.

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