Losing 0-9 and laughing, Mbappe physical reception, Part 6 team ‘festival atmosphere’…PSG wins big with Mbappe hat-trick

There is a reason why U.S. Lebel, a member of the sixth division of the French league, did so. The team met superstars of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), whom it has rarely seen in its lifetime. PSG won a landslide 9-0 victory against Lebel (part 6) in the third round of the 2023-2024 Coupe de France, which was held at Stade Pierre Fabre in France at 4:45 a.m. on Saturday (Korea time).

It was a humiliating loss, but for Lebel, the outcome of the match was not important. He had a tremendous experience just playing with world class players who play for PSG. Earlier, Lebel made headlines when he cheered when PSG was caught by the opponent team at the drawing ceremony for the match. Just before the match, Lebel said on social media that he was preparing to have the most beautiful moment of the year, along with a picture of the team’s players. In fact, Lebel players were caught smiling several times even after losing points during the match.

Rebel’s fans felt the same way. When the PSG team bus arrived before the game, the fans cheered wildly. The audience also cheered enthusiastically. Rebel’s youth players gathered around Mbappe and were amazed by the “in-person reception.” Regardless of their victory or defeat, it was a festive mood. 슬롯사이트 추천

“PSG had a showdown with Lebel in the sixth division. Only 3,500 people can hold the match at its home stadium,” said Fan Nation Football. As a result, the stadium has been changed to Stade Pierre Favre, which can hold 12,300. The stadium was sold out and fans wanted to see Kylian Mbappe’s performance right in front of them. The fans were not disappointed.”

The opponent was weak, but PSG did its best. A large number of world class players, including superstar Mbappe, were dispatched. Ironically, it was a relief for LeBelle’s squad and LeBelle fans. I watched the world-class players play right in front of me. For PSG, Mbappe and Portuguese striker Gonzalo Hamus matched as two-top. Spanish national team Marco Asensio and French national team Randal Colo Muani also participated.

Midfielder Manuel Ugarte, however, stepped up as center back. Freshman Lucas Bernaldo and backup goalie Keylor Navas were also given the chance to start. Mbappe scored a hat trick in front of Lebel fans. He shook the net in the 16th minute, the 45th minute of the first half and the 3rd minute of the second half. European football statistics media Sofa Score gave Mbappe a perfect score of 10. Foot Mob, another statistical media outlet, also had a high score of 9.8. In addition to hat tricks, Mbappe attempted 11 shots and had a pass success rate of 70 percent.

This was not the end of the game. PSG had a huge impact on goal. It sent 29 shots and 18 shots on goal. It displayed highly accurate attack ability that connected all of Big Chance’s No. 9 to goal. Along with Mbappe, Asensio, Hamus, and Cher Ndore scored goals. Colo Muani scored multiple goals. PSG even scored an own goal to secure a landslide victory by nine points.

The sofa score gave Asensio a high rating of 9.5. Asensio played full 90 minutes, scoring one goal and two assists with a 90 percent pass rate. Notably, he scored a fantastic heel kick cross in the 45th minute to help Mbappe score his header. Right wingback Nordi Mukiele had a rating of 8.9 and center midfielder Carlos Soler had a rating of 8.8.

Navas’ score of 7.8 was also good, as he showed five saves. Bernaldo, a “new defenseman,” recorded a score of 7.0. Meanwhile, South Korean midfielder Lee Kang-in joined the Clinsman team to participate in the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar. He will miss his team’s schedule for about a month.

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