LG freezes 4,000 won, Doosan raises 9,000 won → 10,000 won…Is it the same Jamsil Stadium?

Although they use the same Jamsil Stadium, their attitudes toward baseball fans who are physically uncomfortable still vary widely. This is the story of Jamsil rivals LG Twins and Doosan Bears.

As the first article of the registered column ‘Duribun@@’ series, (August 23, 2022). I looked around the websites of 10 professional baseball teams to see what and how they changed a year later.

There is not much change compared to last year. However, the price difference between wheelchair seats between LG Twins and Doosan Bears, who use the same Jamsil Stadium as their home stadium, is still on my mind. 토토사이트

LG Twins, Doosan Bears Wheelchair Seat Price Comparison Table for 2023 Season.

Are the wheelchair seats different. It’s not that either. The wheelchair seats at Jamsil Stadium do not cover the clubs. be in the same position. If so, why is the price of wheelchair seats more than double between the two clubs. This is because the basis for calculation is different.

LG paid attention to the possibility of physical movement of spectators in wheelchairs. LG receives 4,000 won on weekdays and 4,500 won on weekends and holidays for wheelchair seats.

An LG official said, “For disabled people, they enter at 4,000 won with a 50% discount on green seats (8,000 won), which are outfield seats.” Spectators in wheelchairs cannot go to the outfield seats, so they are located in red and blue seats, but they are receiving 4,000 won the same,” he said. In other words, even if a baseball fan in a wheelchair wants to sit in the outfield, he or she cannot physically go to the outfield, so he or she receives outfield tickets.

Doosan, on the other hand, paid attention to the location of the wheelchair seat. Doosan receives 8,000 won to 10,000 won on weekdays and 9,000 won to 11,000 won on weekends and holidays for wheelchair seats.

A Doosan official said, “There are wheelchair seats in blue seats (20,000 won on weekdays) and red seats (16,000 won), respectively. The basis for the pricing is the application of a 50% discount on the adult price of the two seats, he explained. Doosan will receive 4,000 won by applying a 50% discount if a disabled person sits in the outfield seat (8,000 won).

Compared to last year, Doosan’s price increase for wheelchair seats is also noticeable. That’s because of the price increase of infield seats. The price of wheelchair seats also rose due to a 2,000 won increase from last year. On the other hand, LG’s outfield seats have not increased in price, so the price of wheelchair seats remains unchanged.

The prices are different, but the two clubs also have something in common. That is, there is no discount for the companions of the wheelchair spectators. Most spectators in wheelchairs have companions rather than alone.

Oh Jung-seop (53), a quadriplegic person I met in the wheelchair seat of the baseball stadium last year, said, “I am busy with hospital treatment, so I am wondering if I will come to the baseball stadium once or twice a year. Even in the midst of difficult treatment, I look forward to the day when I come to the baseball stadium. It’s the joy of my life. However, the helper lady who takes me to the baseball stadium and makes me convenient has to pay all the expensive infield seats. “I can’t concentrate on baseball because I’m constantly looking at my condition and I’m forced to sit here, but I hope the price will be lowered a little only for my companions,” he said.

For reference, Kiwoom Heroes still boasts the most “vicious” price among the 10 clubs with wheelchair seats priced at 10,000 won (weekdays) and 15,000 won (weekends), but it has started providing free admission tickets to one companion when purchasing wheelchair seats this season. NC Dinos and KIA Tigers also allow free admission only to one person accompanied by wheelchair-buying spectators. Lotte Giants and KT Wiz allowed one person to purchase tickets at the same price as wheelchair seats.

Price is not the criterion for absolute valuation. The “ratio” of convenience facilities for the disabled, including wheelchair seats in baseball stadiums, is more important than price. There is no correct answer to the different price calculation grounds of LG and Doosan, which share Jamsil Stadium. However, if the price difference was more than twice between the price of the table seat and the exciting zone, not the price of the wheelchair seat, would either LG or Doosan fans have stayed still.

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