LG ace disappeared from the first division of ’11 wins and 1 loss in the first half → 0 wins and 2 losses in the second half’…The contract has been renewed on the Maginot Line

LG Twins Flutko was the team’s ace in the first half. While undisputed first starter Casey Kelly was sluggish compared to previous years, Flutko pitched overwhelmingly. Second year in KBO League. Last year, he had the best result with 15 wins and 5 losses and a 2.39 ERA, leading to a natural renewal. And in the first half of this year, Flutko was a clear “ace card” leading LG’s first-place march. LG’s starting rotation has also been reorganized around Plutko. 온라인카지노

But from the end of the first half, it started to creak. There was an original plan to give him a break before and after the All-Star break, but the gap between the appearances widened due to various factors such as COVID-19 infection and rain cancellation. After taking the mound against the Lotte Giants (three runs in six innings) on July 8, he took the mound against the KT Wiz (three runs in six innings) on July 25, and then against the Samsung Lions (four runs in five ⅓) on August 15.

And Plutko, who was pitching with one run in four innings against the NC Dinos on August 26, was substituted for complaining of discomfort in his inner thigh during the pitch, and has not been able to play since then. A hospital examination revealed a diagnosis of a left pelvic bruise. I expected to be absent for about a month, and that month is almost over now.

Flutko’s injury is not serious. However, if you can’t completely shake off the discomfort, you can’t make a 100% healthy return. Of course, I’m anxious from the standpoint of waiting. LG is currently at the top of the list with room and is expected to win the regular season unless something unexpected happens, but that does not mean that there is room in the starting lineup. From the standpoint of seeing the next step rather than winning the regular season, I want to hold three clear starting cards, but I have no choice but to worry because Flutko, who was likely to be the first starter, is not complete.

Flutko’s return to action begins in October. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “I told Flacco to build up his body and come back as soon as possible. You must come before the beginning of October. “At the end of the regular season, I have to take the mound about two to three times and enter the postseason,” he said. “If I don’t take the mound properly in the regular season, or if I throw only one game and enter the postseason, I won’t use it. We have to throw it two or three times and create a situation where we can prepare for the postseason,” he said strongly.

Depending on Flutko’s performance at the end of the season, the size of his contract may vary. When will he be able to throw the same ball as the first half in full physical condition, with the ‘Ace’ desperately needed to win. There’s a lot at stake.

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