Lee Chung-yong, who Hong Myung-bo cherished, will leave Ulsan with one year left in the contract

Blue Dragon Lee Chung-yong (36), who led the Ulsan Hyundai K-League 1 for two consecutive years, is expected to leave the team. Lee is staying in Korea without accompanying him to an off-season training camp in Ulsan. “It is true that Lee Chung-yong did not go to an off-season training camp. Whether he will stay with the team or leave has not been decided,” Ulsan said on Tuesday.

He is under contract with his team until 2025. His annual salary amounts to 1 billion won. If he leaves Ulsan on his own will, he has to give up his salary. On the contrary, if Ulsan gave up renewing his contract with Lee, he will likely leave the team after receiving an annual salary and remain invincible for one year, or move to another team as a free agent with no transfer fee instead of giving up his salary. “I am not considering retiring as a player,” Lee told KBS over the phone. Lee is expected to decide whether to stay in Ulsan or move to another team soon. Ulsan will play its first round match of 16 teams against Banffare Gofu one month later in mid-February.

After completing his 11-year European challenge in 2020, Lee continued his career by signing a contract with Ulsan. In the 2022 season, he led a team that failed to challenge for the top spot in the league for 17 years to win the title. Coach Hong Myung-bo nominated Lee Chung-yong, who had fewer offensive points, as the candidate for the K-League’s best player of the year despite controversy, and Lee Chung-yong became the final winner. 토토사이트 추천

Lee, who was born in 1988, played in 34 games last season even at a considerable age. Lee is one of the most loved players by Hong. He is also said to have played a role as a bridge between players and the coaching staff. Attention is focusing on why Lee Chung-yong wants to leave Ulsan after giving up his big salary.

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