Korean Women’s Volleyball in Volleyball Nations League in 2025

Korean Women’s Volleyball Confirmed to Participate in Volleyball Nations League in 2025

Korean women’s volleyball, whose world ranking has fallen sharply, will participate in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) hosted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in 2025.

On the 14th, FIVB introduced the 2025-2027 VNL progress method on its website, which is based on increasing the number of participating countries in the VNL held each year from the current 16 to 18.

VNL, launched in 2018, runs the competition until this year as a competition between 16 men and women, including 12 core countries and 4 challenger countries. 카지노사이트탑

Korean women’s volleyball, which was ranked 10th in the FIVB world rankings but fell to 40th as of the 15th due to slow generational change and declining international competitiveness, can participate in competitions regardless of ranking until this year’s VNL thanks to its status as a core country at the time of its launch.

It was not possible to guarantee participation in the VNL from 2025, but as the FIVB confirmed the participation method for 2025, Korea will be able to automatically participate for one more year.

FIVB defined the 2025 men’s and women’s participating countries as the 16 countries participating in the 2024 VNL, the winning team of the 2024 Volleyball Challenger Cup, and the team with the highest world ranking among the teams that did not qualify for participation.

Then, the 18th ranked team based on the 2025 VNL performance will be eliminated from the competition the following year, and a team with a higher world ranking among the teams that did not qualify will take their place.

The status of a core country that grants automatic participation will disappear from 2025.

Therefore, if Korea avoids last place, it can continue to participate in the VNL.

However, Korean women’s volleyball urgently needs to improve its competitiveness as it has not scored a single point for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023 and has lost all 12 matches.

With the expansion of VNL participating countries, it has become a matter of interest whether Korean men’s volleyball, which has not yet played on this stage, will have the opportunity to participate.

Until this year, you had to win the Challenger Cup, the lower league of the VNL, to be promoted to the VNL, but starting next year, one more world ranking quota is guaranteed, giving Korean men’s volleyball a chance to pursue their dream.

The world ranking of Korean men’s volleyball is 28th.

The Korean women’s volleyball team will play away games in the VNL in Brazil, the United States, and Japan in May and June this year.

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