Kim Minjae, will you be with ‘Walkle Centerback’ again, Manchester United gives up its ‘560 million-a-week’ contract → You can transfer to FA

The Daily Mail, a British media outlet, reported on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester United does not invoke the extension option of 340,000 pounds (about 560 million won) with Varane. They want a pay cut. Varane is free to talk to other clubs.”

“Baran can negotiate with other clubs for a summer transfer from January 1, 2024,” the media said. “Baran only started seven matches in the English Premier League this season due to injury. Manchester United cannot justify its £340,000-a-week salary. They want to negotiate with Baran on new terms.”

Not only Varane. According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United wants a major weekly wage reform. It is the cornerstone for recruiting players for the summer transfer market. It is considering cutting wages for high-paid players. Last month, Varane was rumored to be moving to Bayern Munich. He now has a chance to share his team with Kim Min-jae, 27. “Barane is one of Munich’s goals to recruit. His contract ends at the end of this season,” said the British Mirror. “Manchester United can recruit Varane by offering him a transfer fee during the winter transfer market.”

Munich is considering recruiting center back for the winter transfer market. Kim Min-jae was the only player who played consistently this season. Dayo Upamecano (25) and Matthias de Licht (23) have been sidelined due to injury. The Licht returned after rehabilitation for about a month. 메이저 토토사이트

“The two big clubs aim for Varane in the January transfer market,” Eurosport said. Varane feels that his playing time at Manchester United is limited. He will likely leave the EPL as a free agent. He could return to Real Madrid.”

Already, Varane seems to have no regret about winning the trophy. Most of them have won the trophy in their 20s. They won the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the Spanish La Liga and the Copa del Rey. Moving to Manchester United was more of a challenge.

He seemed to play as a key defender, but his Manchester United career was not smooth. He was often absent due to major and minor injuries. Manchester United’s performance was also impressive. In the 2022-2023 season, he rebounded by ranking third in the EPL, but he is ranking seventh in the EPL with nine losses in 20 games this season.

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