Kim Ha-sung, truth of intimidation case

Kim Ha-sung asked, “What’s up with your stomach fat?” He joked, “Did you run for UFC?” while looking at a hollow wound in his stomach. He could guess the relationship between the two. L kept flying “hahaha” while sending pictures. He said to Kim Ha-sung, who teases his belly fat, “Hey, this is not right,” but he laughed.

According to L, this photo is evidence of domestic violence. He wrote to Kim Ha-sung, “This is the reality of domestic violence.” He then explained the situation, saying, “My dad cursed first.” And in December 2023, the self-proclaimed “Reality of Domestic Violence” photo suddenly turned into “evidence of Kim Ha-sung’s junior assault.” L even provided the photo to the media.

Lawyer Cho Dae-jin of L sent a photo to Dispatch, saying, “There is evidence that Kim Ha-sung was constantly assaulted.” He then announced, “I will release more cars.”
Channel A released a (fake) photo provided by L as evidence of the escape through the evening news on the 7th. L also added, “I assaulted him because I was offended at the drinking place.” 실시간 바카라사이트

Kim Ha-sung sued L for blackmail and attempted blackmail on the 27th of last month. In fact, L received a total of 400 million won, 200 million won each, in December 2021 and December 2022, on the pretext of exposing his personal life. L caught Kim Ha-sung’s ‘special exemption from military service’ in his initial threat. He collected the money by threatening, saying, “Didn’t you drink together in violation of the obligation to prohibit gatherings during COVID-19?”

Kim Ha-sung’s side said, “L said, ‘If Kim Ha-sung is punished, he has to join the military. I will report it to the police and the Military Manpower Administration and inform the media,'” and regretted, “I responded to the threat because I could not affect my career.” L’s threats were not the end. When the money ran out, he targeted other baseball players. Rumors say he took money out of a big league player in a similar way. “Dispatch” is covering L’s intimidation methods. It will further reveal how L threatened and extorted famous baseball players.

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