The cash-strapped KEPCO has included “selling a volleyball team” as one of its measures in its business report to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the National Assembly .However, KEPCO has not yet begun specific discussions about selling the volleyball team.

An official from KEPCO’s men’s professional volleyball team said on the 20th, “I know that the sale of the volleyball team was included among the various self-solutions submitted by the headquarters. However, nothing has been discussed in detail,” he said, adding, “For now, we will focus on running the volleyball team diligently and helping the team successfully compete in the V League in the 2023-2024 season.”

“We will do everything we can to diversify our assets and adjust our benefits,” KEPCO President Kim Dong-chul said during a national audit of KEPCO by the National Assembly’s Committee on Trade, Industry and Energy’s Committee on Small and Medium-sized Venture Enterprises (SMEs) on Sept. 19. “We will reduce the headquarters organization, streamline the organization through regionalization, and reallocate personnel to core businesses.” The audit did not mention the sale of the volleyball team, but the company’s self-help plan lists it as one of the ways to reduce debt.

KEPCO is expected to disclose its plans to shareholders as early as next week .KEPCO’s volleyball team was founded on Nov. 28, 1945, under the name Namsun Electric Volleyball Club. At 78 years old, it has the longest history of any Korean volleyball team .The mere mention of KEPCO’s sale is a blow to the volleyball world. Finding a buyer for a men’s professional volleyball team is not easy, and the volleyball world is watching 스포츠토토존 KEPCO’s move with concern.

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