KBO asked the MLB Secretariat to post pitcher Ko Woo-suk to 30 major league clubs at the request of the LG Twins

As a result, 30 Major League teams can negotiate contracts with Ko Woo-suk from 8 a.m. on the day after the Major League Baseball secretariat announces the posting to 5 p.m. on the 30th day. If a contract is signed, the transfer fee under the Korea-U.S. player contract agreement must be paid to the LG Twins. 온라인경마

If the contract is not reached by the expiration date of the negotiation, the posting will be terminated, and Ko Woo-seok cannot be posted until November 1 of the following year.

The posting proceeded faster than expected. It was a posting that began on the 14th when the Major League Secretariat received an identification check on Ko Woo-suk with Lee Jung-hoo.

Lee Ye-rang, CEO of Rico Agency, Ko Woo-suk’s agent, visited LG on the 16th and officially requested Ko Woo-suk’s posting. Since Ko Woo-suk or his agent had never talked about posting before, LG was embarrassed and needed time to think. In particular, since it was the team’s main finishing touch, it needed the approval of the group, not the club level.

LG, which won the championship for the first time in 29 years, allowed Ko Woo-suk to post on a grand scale. On the 22nd, he delivered this fact to the agent Ko Woo-suk. However, he added a clue that he agreed to transfer only when it was a certain amount.

And on the 28th, six days later, he requested a posting. In other words, the posting was made 14 days after the identification check from the Major League Baseball. It can be said that things went very quickly.

Of course, if it is not a good contract condition, he may try again after the end of next year’s season when he gets one more year at LG and qualifies as an FA.

Ko Woo-suk, who graduated from Chungam High School and joined LG with his first nomination in 2017, has been a closer since 2019. With 35 saves in 2019, he has emerged as a young closure representing the league.

He had only 17 saves in 2020 due to a knee injury, but won 30 saves again in 2021, and became the save king last year with 42 saves. This season, he participated in the WBC in March and continued a difficult season as he got injured.

He had a hard time finding his condition due to a back injury during the season, and eventually pitched in 44 games, leaving a not-so-satisfying record of 3-8, 15 saves and 3.68 ERA.

He pitched in 354 games in seven seasons with 19-26 losses, 139 saves, and 6 holds ERA of 3.18.

The U.S. is also showing interest in Ko Woo-suk. He is mentioned as a pitcher that can be taken from the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers. “Korean closure Ko Woo-suk is underrated among the FA players that the Dodgers are looking for,” the “Dodgers Way” reported on Ko on the 27th (Korea time). “President Andrew Friedman needs to reinforce the starting rotation and bullpen.” There is no pitcher like Ko Woo-suk who has been allowed to post to the Major League as a gem that has been underestimated for reinforcing the bullpen. Ko is only 25 years old now, and he is expected to be able to pay 24 million U.S. dollars on a three-year contract.”

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