Nonghyup Nonghyup Jeonnam Headquarters and Nonghyup Mokpo Sinan Branch announced on the 12th that they held a ‘Flogging with Nonghyup’ event at Peace Plaza in Mokpo City to pray for the success of the National Games .About 70 people attended the event, including Park Jong-tak, head of the headquarters, Ko Young-in, branch manager, and Ko Pyeong-hoon, president of Mokpo Horticultural Cooperative,

Plogging means picking up trash while jogging, and Nonghyup aims to achieve 10,000 hours of plogging by its employees this year as part of its ESG campaign .The plogging took place on a round-trip course from Mokpo Dalmaji Park, through Peace Plaza, to Yeongsan Bridge to promote the National Games and showcase the clean image of Mokpo. “We hope that the wishes of Nonghyup employees will be conveyed to the athletes, cheering squads, and 스포츠토토존 citizens of Mokpo,” said Park Jong-tak.

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