‘Jeonnam’, a mecca for winter training 240,000 people search and work hard

Jeonnam is attracting attention as a winter training site for sports teams.According to Jeonnam Province on the 21st, 952 teams and 240,000 players visited the Jeonnam region for field training from December last year to January this year.The number of players visiting Jeonnam as a winter training ground was only 60,000 from December to February in the 2020-2021 season, but is increasing significantly every year to 180,000 in the 2021-2022 season and 340,000 in the 2022-2023 season.As athletes and their families visit restaurants, accommodations, supermarkets, and tourist attractions during their stay, it is also a source of vitality for the local economy during the off-season for tourism. The province announced that the regional economic ripple effect from the players’ visit this season will amount to 22.7 billion won.Analysis suggests that Jeonnam’s abundant tourism resources, mild winter climate, and delicious southern food were effective.

Jeonnam also has excellent sports facilities, including Mokpo Stadium, Suncheon Palma Stadium, Gwangyang Jeonnam Dragons Stadium, Gangjin Soccer Stadium, Haenam Wooseul Stadium, and Yeonggwang Sportium.In addition, last year, when the National Sports Festival was held, local sports facilities were extensively built and renovated.Attraction strategies such as various programs and incentive support utilizing local resources by city and county also played a role.Jangheung-gun paid training costs with local love gift certificates and designated a dedicated helper for each team to minimize inconveniences.Haenam-gun invites foreign professional instructors and operates a winter training rehabilitation center where professional trainers are stationed.

Wando-gun utilizes the Marine Healing Center to provide healing therapies such as underwater exercise and hydromassage.Each city and county provides various incentives, such as discounts or exemptions on sports facility usage fees, support for training costs, and operation of tourism experience programs.This year, the province plans to select cities and counties with excellent attracting performance, provide incentives for sports facility renovation, and engage in active marketing in cooperation with the cities and counties.Joo Sun-seon, director of the Provincial Tourism and Sports Bureau, said, “As Jeonnam Province has established itself as a tourism and sports city through the successful hosting of the National Sports Festival last year, we expect to see more training teams this year,” adding, “It will revitalize the local economy and promote sports tourism.” “We will accelerate efforts to attract field training that will have a 무료슬롯게임 great effect,” he said.

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