IVE shines globally with traditional Korean elements

Six-member girl group IVE / Courtesy of IVE's social media

The girl group IVE, known for its string of hits since debuting, is receiving widespread acclaim for its latest comeback, successfully differentiating itself with a unique concept and music distinct from its previous releases.For this comeback, IVE chose to highlight Korean elements in its concept. Its new song “Heya” is based on a reimagined folk tale, “The Tiger Who Loved the Sun,” inspired by the traditional tale “The Tiger Who Loved a Human.” Reflecting deep roots in Korean folklore, the concept and performance of “Heya” showcase the inherent beauty of Korean culture.In the music video, IVE emphasizes the “Korean-style concept” by featuring outfits inspired by hanbok, traditional Korean dress, along with traditional accessories like norigae, fans, pipes and scrolls.The set design, reminiscent of traditional Korean paintings, includes appearances of tigers, traditional games like jwibulnori (typically played during the first full moon of the Lunar New Year) and group dance performances resembling ganggangsullae, enhancing the cultural richness. True to its theme, the song primarily focuses on Korean lyrics over English.

IVE’s endeavor to blend traditional Korean elements with K-pop has yielded significant results. “Heya” entered the top ranks of music charts upon release and continues to dominate the upper echelons of major music charts, both domestically and internationally.The music video also broke records, surpassing 10 million views within 19 hours of release and currently boasting 30.76 million views as of Tuesday.The sophisticated reinterpretation of traditional Korean beauty in “Heya” has garnered praise from music fans worldwide. Many international fans have been captivated by the exotic freshness and beauty of the Korean elements in the song, signaling a bright future 메이저 for “Heya” on the global stage.

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