“It’s an illegal shooting”…Hwang Ui-jo’s video victim’s response to “releasing data” is announced

When Hwang Ui-jo, a South Korean national soccer team player, again denied the allegations of illegal filming and disclosed some of the victims’ personal information, the victim’s legal representative warned of a counter-action, including disclosure of data.

Lee Eun-ui, the legal representative of the victim A, announced on the 22nd that he would hold a briefing with the media at 11 a.m. on the 23rd and disclose some of the data. However, Mr. A does not come out in person on this day. 안전놀이터

As lawyer Lee claimed on the 21st, “I have never agreed to film and have objective data to prove,” it is expected to present rebuttal data. At the time, lawyer Lee claimed, “The victim briefly dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but he did not agree to shoot the sensitive video and requested it to be deleted.”

In addition, Hwang’s side is expected to reveal some of the victim’s personal information and express its position on the controversy over the second assault.

Earlier, Hwang’s legal representative, Daehwan, a law firm, said, “The victim is a public figure in broadcasting and is even married.” He also claimed that the video was filmed on Hwang’s mobile phone and that it was not “illegal filming,” such as watching the video together. In particular, he said he would consider cross-examination.

The incident began last June. At that time, the woman B claimed to be Hwang’s ex-lover and posted Hwang Ui-jo’s personal life revelations and videos on social networking services (SNS). In response, Hwang’s side filed a complaint with the police, claiming it was false. The victim also sued.

Through an investigation, the police arrested B on the 16th on charges of intimidation using filming and filming using cameras under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. B was confirmed to be Hwang’s brother-in-law, and the wavelength spread.

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