“It was a foul. Look at the angle at which you were judged”

Before the match against the NC Dinos in Jamsil on the 22nd, LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop looked back on the “Bold Dead incident” that heated the baseball world the day before. The Boldead incident occurred at SSG Landers Field in Incheon, where the game between LG and SSG Landers was held on the 21st.

The situation in question was like this. A chance to attack SSG in the bottom of the eighth inning with LG leading 2-0. After one out, Eredia walked straight to base, and Choi Jung hit a double to make it one out and second and third bases. Han Yu-seom then picked up a straight walk and loaded the bases. LG tried to prevent the crisis by changing the mound from Yoo Young-chan to Baek Seung-hyun.

Baek Seung-hyun threw a fast ball to Park Sung-han for the fourth pitch with one out and the bases loaded, and Park Seung-han hit a fast ball to the right. The ball, which followed the foul line, passed through the glove of first baseman Kim Min-sung and hit the body of the first base lead in Woo Hyo-dong, who was standing outside the foul line. The hit ball started rolling towards the infield. At this time, the first base lead in Woo Hyo-dong extended his arms to both sides. It was a foul call. 경마

First baseman Kim Min-sung was in a situation where he flew to catch the ball, and first baseman Han Yu-seom was attached to the first base for now because there was a possibility of a straight hit. First base umpire Woo Hyo-dong tried to call a foul because he opened his arms, but he did not give a clear call whether it was a pair or a foul. This is why first baseman Kim Min-sung and first baseman Han Yu-seom also stopped playing.

Coach Yeom claimed that the referees’ calls were different at this time. First base umpire Woo Hyo-dong made a gesture for a foul call, which led to a complicated situation when referee Bae Byung-doo gave a fair sign.

Coach Yeom said, “I thought it was a foul. Even if it was hit by a glove, if it was hit and the ball passed, it would be fair, but it is a foul in terms of the angle of the ball to go and be hit by the referee as if it were almost brushed. “If you look at the angle that the referee hit, you can’t help but say that it was brushed outside the glove.”

“Lucim made a foul call. It was a foul call, not a Bold, but the situation was twisted as the referee (Bae Byung-doo) made a fair call.

The judges’ initial decision was fair, and LG’s application for video reading was also fair. The ball was judged to have crossed the glove of first baseman Kim Min-sung and gave him a pair, and third baseman Herredia’s score was acknowledged. However, first baseman Han Yu-seom was out because he had no intention of reaching second base.

KBO said through the SSG club, “Even if the referee declared the fair right away, Han Yu-seom would not have made it to second base, so he took out.”

KBO suspended referee Woo Hyo-dong on the same day. KBO explained, “U Hyo-dong’s first base umpire had to declare an in-play by misapplying the official baseball rule 5.06 (c) Boldead (6) after SSG Park Sung-han’s hit with one out and full base hit the referee in the bottom of the eighth inning, but he declared Boldead, causing confusion in the game.”

As a result, SSG could have chased to 2-2 if there was no mistake in the referee’s decision, but then the flow was cut off and they eventually lost 1-2. In the process, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung left after protesting against the referees for 10 minutes, causing the team’s atmosphere to be disturbed.

The situation has grown dramatically, leading even SSG owner Chung Yong-jin to come forward. Owner Chung visited KBO in person on the 22nd to hold a meeting with President Heo Gu-yeon, as if it was not enough to complain about unfairness through SNS. In the end, KBO disciplined Woo Hyo-dong’s first base umpire and admitted the misjudgment.

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