Is gambling addiction at 6% level a serious problem for Latvia?

The representative divided problem gamblers into two categories, saying 6% of Latvians have clear addiction problems, while 1.3% have much more serious Ludomania levels. She praised the study, which was conducted for the first time in the country, but acknowledged the need to provide these observations regularly to define trends. 파칭코

At the same time, Byrne reminded the self-withdrawer registry, which began in early 2020. This system limits your ability to enter a gaming facility if you add yourself to the Problem Gamblers list. The head of the GSI has asked for the ban to be lifted as many putters have no choice but to contact the control body, confirming the effectiveness of this new system and making sure the registry is working.

Magdalena Pranite, another representative of the prosecutor, said the restriction system could not be effective without the careful attitude of relatives of addicts. She acknowledged that most gambling addicts cannot be added to the blacklist, and said relatives should pay attention and can help by noticing and reporting cases of uncontrolled putters. Pranite also recommended visiting a neurologist or psychiatrist because they are the only professional doctors who can determine the level of Ludomania.

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