Inconsistent decision + warning explosion by umpire 中 who was booed, Clinsman starts rough

The national soccer team, led by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, finished the first half 1-0 against Bahrain in the first Group E match of the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup finals at Jasim bin Hamad Stadium in Al Rayan, Qatar, on the afternoon of the 15th (Korea time).

Cho Kyu-sung (Mitt Willan) was at the forefront of the team, while Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) was a drooping striker. In fact, he seemed to be too much of a burden for Bahrain’s defense as he moved freely. Lee Jae-sung (Mainz05), Hwang In-beom, Park Yong-woo (Al Ain), and Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) formed midfielders.

Lee Ki-je (Suwon Samsung), Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), Jeong Seung-hyeon and Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai) will stand in defense, while Kim Seung-gyu (Al-Shabab) will keep the goal. Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton) who is recovering from injury will not make the list. 스포츠토토사이트

Six minutes into the first half, Seol faced a crisis. He attempted to kick the ball away from the right outside of the penalty area, before tripping the opponent team. He was given a free kick and it hit the head of Mohammad Maroon (Al-Kuwait). It was a relief to pass the goal post.

After organizing the formation, the Korean team exchanged balls at the back, and peeped at an opportunity. Bahraini made efforts to suffocate the Korean team by banking on a set piece and a thorough strategy of counterattack after first defense. Park Yong-woo was warned when he nipped Ali Madan (Azman) in the neck with his knee while trying to kick off the ball at the 10th minute.

At the 13th minute, Kim Min-jae challenged Maroon late at the counterattack and was given a warning. Spinal line warnings were too much. Chinese referee Marooning gave 16 warnings and two dismissals in three Champions League matches just before the Asian Cup. He is typically the type of referee who tries to dominate the game by overusing warnings. This is why Korea needs to play carefully and accurately even if it is unfair.

In the 21st minute, the atmosphere was gradually set as Hwang In-beom aimed at the goal with his head the ball that Lee Jae-sung connected backward near the end line. In the 23rd minute, Park Yong-woo showed his will to continue to attack with a mid-range shot. In the 27th minute, Lee Kang-in fell behind the defense, but the referee did not point to a foul. Rather, he gave a warning to Lee Ki-je in the ensuing defense.

In the 30th minute, Lee Jae-sung’s low pass from the left side touched Cho Kyu-sung’s back foot and headed into the air. It was a scene that would have been nice if he had been a little calm. He made a rough tackle on Hwang in the ensuing offensive, but no warning came out. Madan, who tackled Hwang a minute later, was warned. It was a dangerous tackle.

In the 33rd minute, the defense failed to keep up with the speed of the madan and allowed the shooting. It was the same as a one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but it was fortunate that the accuracy was low. After the season was over, what I was worried about came out in that it was a K-League-centered defense that now builds physical strength.

In the end, the key was how fast the cross would make the space, and Lee Jae-sung shot Lee Kang-in’s 36th minute from the right side to the back of the left defense of the penalty area, but it also went over the net. In the 37th minute, Lee Jae-sung passed the ball that Lee Kang-in opened to the left side low through the defender, but the goalkeeper caught it.

However, the much-awaited goal was scored. In the 39th minute, Lee Jae-seong took Kim Min-jae’s forward pass from the left side of the penalty area and connected it to the other side low, and Son Heung-min and Cho Kyu-sung tricked the ball and Hwang In-beom fired with his left foot to score the first goal. In other words, they overcame the referee’s decision through an attack. Even with a large number of spectators booing, the referee did not feel trustworthy.

Referee Marning did not turn a blind eye to Son Heung-min, who was tripped by an opponent’s tackle in front of him in the 43rd minute. It was similar to Hwang In-beom’s initial tackle, but he did not warn the opponent, but he declared a free kick. Lee Kang-in played as a kicker and adjusted his senses. Since then, referee Marning has tried to focus on his judgment by catching his opponent’s intentional handball foul and giving him a warning.

Still, the judgment that the standard was shaky was a stain in the first half. He left five warnings. Referee Manning has experience in waiting for Spain-Costarica and the U.S.-Wales matches at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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