Eight million dollars a year is cheap. Trade requires a huge price

If the contract is not extended, the possibility of a trade increases. MLBcom said, “Trade feels like a more urgent question. Kim Ha-sung’s contract expires in 2024 at 8 million dollars. This is a very low price, and 29 other teams can upgrade their capabilities by recruiting Kim Ha-sung, who has special defense capabilities in three positions.”

“As we discussed last week, the Padres are full of central infield options. It is also losing value to Cronenworth as a first baseman. The Kim Ha-sung trade could help fill other serious holes in the San Diego roster. Theoretically, the second-base position could weaken, but it won’t be that serious,” he said, adding that while using Cronenworth as his original position as a second baseman, Kim could be used as a trade card. 토토사이트 추천

However, there are practical difficulties. MLBcom said, “A Kim Ha-sung trade is not that simple. A trade can cost a fortune. In the infield, which suffered from all kinds of injuries last season, Kim Ha-sung skillfully filled the positions of third baseman and shortstop. In short, Kim Ha-sung is a very good player who is loved by fans, and there are great drawbacks to trading him. The possibility of a trade seems slim unless it is a huge price.” In terms of power, it is not easy to let go of Kim Ha-sung who can cover all positions in the infield.

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