“I’m thinking about the day we play together at the LPGA”

Kim Na-young entered the tee box in the second round of the “Lotte Open” held at Incheon Bears Best Cheongna on the 2nd. 카지노사이트

Kim Na-young, who participated in the regular tour competition for the second time, was born in 2003 and joined the KLPGA in June 2021 with a height of 176 centimeters.

Kim Na-young, who usually receives a lot of attention for her tall height like a model, said she actually likes Nelly Koda among golfers. “Maybe because I watched the video often, I heard that the backswing is similar these days. “I’m working hard to draw the day we play together in the LPGA someday,” he said.

Kim Na-young participated in seven Dream Tour competitions in 2023 and finished second, third, and fourth, respectively. He is aiming to enter the 2024 regular tour with steady progress, ranking second in the second round of the MC Square Gunsan CC Dream Tour in April, third in the fifth round of the KLPGA 2023 Dream Tour in May, and fourth in the SBS Golf Loᆳde Open Dream Tour in March.

Kim Na-young expressed her expectations, saying, “Bears Best Cheongna, the course of the Lotte Open match, is fun and I was looking forward to it because of the good shots.”

Kim Na-young, who started with Lee Ji-hyun 7 and Park Joo-eun at 13:10 tee in the second round, recorded 71 strokes with three birdies and two bogeys. It wasn’t a bad performance, but I was disappointed with one birdie and three birdies recorded in the first round.
The final round of the second round was 145 strokes, which was unfortunately eliminated from 144 strokes, which is the standard for eliminating the cut, with one over par.

After Kim Na-young was unfortunately eliminated from the cut, she said, “I think I finished the tournament with a big regret as the putter I trusted during the tournament didn’t fall well. Through this tournament, it has become clear what needs to be supplemented in the future, and I’m going to prepare harder for that point, so I’m looking forward to the next game,” he said with a positive mind.

Kim Na-young will compete in the second part of the tour, which starts on July 4.

Meanwhile, in the final fourth round of the KLPGA Tour Lotte Open (total prize money of 800 million won) on the 4th, Choi Hye-jin recorded three birdies and four bogeys, shooting a 1-over par 73.

Choi Hye-jin, who shot a total of 14-under 274, beat second-place Jung Yoon-ji (23, NH Investment & Securities) by two strokes to reach the top.

After the championship was confirmed, Choi Hye-jin smiled broadly, saying, “I think I won in three years, and my goal was to win the sponsor competition, but I’m happy to achieve it.”

The long silence made Choi Hye-jin impatient. He said, “Honestly, I felt impatient when the chance came, and when I wasn’t doing it, I lost confidence, and I wondered if I could do it again.” “I feel like I can do it again with this victory,” he said.

Winning the tournament is expected to mean a lot to Choi Hye-jin. He will be able to break the winning drought and return to the U.S. to prepare an opportunity for a rebound.

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