“I’m still very short. Korean archery girls are really good at archery.”

“The youngest ace” Ji Il-hyun (20, Korea National Sports University), who won three gold medals in archery at the Hangzhou Asian Games, is said to have said this after falling out of the selection contest for the national team to compete in the Tokyo Olympics when he was in high school. He cried a lot because he was disappointed that he could not become a member of the national team of his dreams. But I didn’t give up. I was absorbed in the exercise by splitting up the break time. He also failed once in last year’s selection competition, but this year, he won the Taegeuk mark, and eventually achieved the feat of winning three Asian Games gold medals in Korean archery for the first time in 37 years.

Il-hyun, who has liked sports since childhood, first grabbed his bow through after-school activities when he was in the third grade of elementary school when the archery team was established. There was also a suggestion from the soccer team coach who watched him catch the ball with his heart, but he chose the path of archery. He left his home in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, and spent his middle school life in Wonju, where the archery team is located. He shot his bow hard, but contrary to expectations, he did not perform as well as he wanted. He was not a player who stood out from the beginning.

He had to demonstrate his skills and make a way for himself. Il Sung-hyun worked hard to prepare for the high school entrance exam. I even thought about quitting archery if I failed. Ko Da-hyun, Il-hyun’s mother, said, “At that time, Si-hyun was having a hard time, so I hesitated for a moment. He encouraged me to try one more time, he said. “I think I practiced with my mind because I was strong in will.” “I passed the field practical test and went to Seoul Physical Education High School to continue my career,” he told the Kookmin Ilbo. 카지노사이트 순위

Practice was the only way to live. Before entering the adult stage, Il-Hyun had to show her ‘skill’. He increased the amount of training and shot his bow day and night. The leaders trained hard enough to stop them. He also paid more attention to taking care of his body. When given a 30-minute break during weekday training, he reappeared after weight training. During lunch, he only ate and split his time to do reinforcement exercises before going on afternoon training. He didn’t let go of his bow even on Sunday, when he was off training once a week.

Seoul Sports High School coach Min Soo-jung said, “I almost filled my break time with physical training. I only exercised for an average of 9 to 10 hours a day,” he said. Kim Dong-guk, a professor at Korea National Sports University who is teaching Il Sung-hyun, said, “He is a sincere effort maker. “I have a strong desire to win and hate losing more than anyone else,” he said. Fellow players around him are also said to be motivated by Il-Hyun’s efforts.

The leaders said in unison, “Temporary Hyun is strong in crisis.” Mental is also the most necessary ability for archers who are important. Professor Kim said, “Si-hyun’s weapon is to overcome the worst situation with a positive personality without giving up,” adding, “I am a pure college student who usually likes to chat with girls of my age.” “When you go to the stadium, it turns really fierce,” he said. “I’ve always been stronger in crises,” Min said. He is usually very bright and smiles well,” he said. When the economy is not working out, I sometimes regain my confidence by reading books related to psychology.

Il-Hyun’s efforts eventually paid off. Early this year, she overcame fierce competition to rank No. 1 in the national team selection competition, which is said to be more difficult than the Olympic gold medal. She won a gold medal in the women’s individual individual competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 7th. It was the moment when she won three gold medals following the mixed team event and the women’s team event.

“I prepared hard and tried hard, but I’m so happy that the results shine,” said Il-Hyun, who met at the mixed zone (joint coverage area) after the award ceremony. I did everything I wanted to do, he said. “I think I got a good result because I followed my sisters well.” He also expressed his willingness to challenge for the Paris Olympics next year.

Il-hyun, who cried because of the “Archery Sisters” who shot arrows well when she was young, tried hard to keep up with them. Now, she has become a “Archery Sister” who can stimulate someone’s tear glands.

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