I once fought for the top scorer in the EPL…”Visualization of recruitment of Wolverhampton”

Wolverhampton continues to reorganize its offense team this winter. Fabio Silva (21) and Sasha Kalyzic (27) have left the team, and veteran goaltender Danny Ings (31) is expected to be recruited. 무료 슬롯

It is interpreted as a move to minimize Hwang Hee-chan’s gap to leave the Asian Cup as he added speed to the team’s improvement in offense, which rebounded to the bottom of the team’s score last season and 10th this season.

“Wolverhampton is showing interest in signing Ings, a 31-year-old striker who has lost his position at West Ham. As the winter transfer window approaches the end of the transfer window, the proposal will become more concrete.”

Ings was once considered a striker in the English Premier League (EPL). He also garnered attention from Manchester United. During the 2019-20 season when he was playing for Southampton, he scored 22 goals to become the top scorer. In the following year, he also scored 12 goals to do his part.

After moving to Aston Villa three years ago, however, he had a hard time competing for the starting lineup. His form has declined sharply over the past three seasons. He only scored eight goals last season, and he has no goals at all this season when he moved to West Ham.

He also played in four games as a starting pitcher. He played in 17 matches, including the European competition, this season, but only took 411 minutes. He was completely defeated by Jerod Bowen, Mohammed Kudus, and Mikail Antonio. His position in the team has shrunken a lot. Ings and West Ham contracts will be completed in 2025.

Meanwhile, Kalyzic, who was pushed out of the race for the starting position with Hwang Hee-chan, transferred to Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga on loan. Wolverhampton disclosed the fact on its website on the 7th.

Kalyzic only scored three goals in 13 games this season. The league record is two goals in 11 games. Among them, he only played in the first inning. He was thoroughly behind Hwang Hee-chan and Matheus Cunha. In December last year, he played only one game as a substitute for the second half. In the end, he chose to set a new record by transferring to a loan.

Earlier, Wolverhampton traded Silva, once called “Next Ronaldo,” to the Rangers on loan. On April 29, he announced his move to Silva.

Silva is an attacking prospect who was hired by Porto after paying 40 million euros (57 million U.S. dollars) for a transfer fee from Wolverhampton Records. He is rich in soccer talent. However, the club judged him as a young player who was not fully prepared, given his understanding of physical and tactical activities. As a result, he let his team gain experience by transferring to Anderlecht and PSV Eindhoven.

He was expected to perform well this season, but failed to meet expectations. He failed to secure offensive points in eight league games. He scored one goal in two cup games. This year, he will spend time accumulating experience and growing again through the Rangers loan.

Hwang Hee-chan is poised to make a “career high” this season. He has scored 10 goals (three assists), the most in his team’s history, and is spearheading his team’s offense. Cunha also scored six goals and five assists, scoring double-digit attack points early on. In the second half of this season, he is expected to stage a triangle formation, which will lead to Hwang Hee-chan, Cunha, and Pedro Netu.

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