“I don’t need first place in PL!” Tottenham’s terrible club, really disappointed”…Director who resigned from Levy, why?

Jonathan Adelman, director of Tottenham Hotspur’s “Tribute Trust,” reportedly resigned in anger at the club’s lukewarm statement.

Britain’s “Mirror” reported on the 14th that “Adelman, director of Tottenham’s Player Responsibility Protection Association, delivered his resignation to Daniel Levy, chairman, and Donna Cullen, who is the executive director of the club.” According to the newspaper, Adelman strongly criticized Tottenham in his resignation, saying, “The club has a moral flaw.”

The war, which began with Hamas pouring thousands of missiles into Israel at once, is a matter of engagement, but the devastation of civilian massacres has shocked the world. Many soccer organizations issued statements, and Tottenham did the same. 토토사이트

On the 12th, Tottenham said about the Israel-Hamas war, “The club is shocked and saddened by the conflict between Israel and Gaza. Cruel acts of violence against innocent civilians should be eradicated, he said, and released a statement saying, “The club regrets the victims, their bereaved families, and the community under the influence of violence.”

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