Henderson tries to escape ‘regret abyss’ six months after Saudi transfer, steps back to EPL…Tottenham and Son Heung-min, who have emerged as candidates for the destination, will help

According to multiple media reports on the 7th, including the British media Daily Mail, Henderson is seeking to return to the English Premier League stage after leaving Saudi Arabia’s Al Tippaq. Henderson reportedly regrets his transfer to Saudi Arabia and wants to return to the Premier League or Europe stage as soon as possible to show his skills again.

Henderson left Liverpool last summer and wore the RT Park uniform led by Steven Gerrard. RT Park pays a whopping 700,000 pounds per week to Henderson. It is a different level compared to 140,000 pounds per week in Liverpool. 토토사이트 순위

He was tempted by the temptation of money and headed to Saudi Arabia, but Henderson seems to have failed to adjust to his new land. According to major British media, Henderson is said to be dissatisfied with various environments such as the level of Saudi Arabia’s professional league and the small number of spectators. In addition, RT Park has been struggling lately as it had no win with three draws and two losses in five league matches.

In addition, Henderson is aiming for Euro 2024 this year. In order to maintain his skills and be selected for the England national team, he needs to prove his skills on a higher level. This is why Henderson is strongly pushing for a return to England.

Chelsea or Tottenham Hotspur are mentioned as Henderson’s likely destination. Chelsea needs to recruit a central midfielder in preparation for Conor Gallagher’s transfer. Tottenham Hotspur can also be a big boost to its leap forward in the second half if it strengthens its midfield. Henderson is a veteran born in 1990 and has a lot of experience. It is a recruit that can help Tottenham’s waistline, which lacks experience.

When Henderson joins Tottenham, he will work with Son Heung-min. Henderson played for Liverpool for a long time from 2011 to last year. He has fought against Son Heung-min as an enemy, but if the transfer is made, he will work as a teammate.

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