He opened his mouth directly to the controversy over the “coup.”

Yeom Ki-hoon, the manager of Suwon Samsung, attended a news conference with Park Kyung-hoon, the new head coach, at the club house of the Suwon Samsung Bluewings soccer team located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province on Sunday. In front of the media, Yeom expressed his strong ambition and confidence. He expressed his determination to win promotion by risking everything in his soccer career.

He attempted to make a head-on breakthrough on the “coup rumors,” which have recently emerged as a hot topic. Yeom took over as acting coach after being tapped to replace Kim Byung-soo, who was dismissed in September. However, he was suspected of having personally resigned from the role through various communities.

When asked about the rumor of a coup, Yeom expressed his frustration. “I’m so upset. I don’t know how that came out, and I really didn’t do anything,” Yeom said. “My wife even received a (blaming) message (after the rumors spread). (Kim Byung-soo) was never let go of the director. Please don’t talk to me like there is something wrong.” He also said, “I’m okay with the criticism that comes from me, but the criticism from my family is very sad. I’m upset that nothing has been said, and I hope those who sent me (blaming messages) apologized. My wife cried all the time.”

Suwon announced the appointment of Yeom as its ninth head coach on its official website on Wednesday. Yeom replaced Kim Byung-soo, who broke up with Suwon in September last year, as acting coach. Suwon was in the relegation zone at the time, and Yeom was chosen as a firefighter to escape the relegation zone.

Yeom, who became acting coach, failed to stay in the team as it had a draw with Gangwon FC in the final match of the 2023 K-League 1. He had three wins, two draws and two losses in seven matches as acting coach. 파친코

After all, Suwon, which had fallen to the K League 2, had to immediately find a new leader to entrust its team to the promotion. Suwon did not choose a new face here. Instead, they appointed acting manager Yeom. The reason was that he has a high understanding of Suwon as he has been in the team for a long time, including when he was a player.

However, the fans’ response was chilly. Suwon has stuck to the so-called “real blue” policy of appointing legends from their clubs as coaches. Key “real blue” is Yoon Sung-hyo, Seo Jung-won, Park Geon-ha, and Lee Byung-geun. However, most of them left the team blushing with Suwon fans due to poor performance, and Suwon fans no longer wanted to blush with Legend.

Nevertheless, Suwon appointed Yeom, a former Real Blue player who failed to prevent his team from being demoted last season. Naturally, Suwon fans are not happy with Yeom’s appointment.

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