Hanwha “Let’s play Monday” ahead of a double header and another double header eight days later and five consecutive wins

Hanwha played a doubleheader with the Kiwoom Heroes at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 9th. He won 11-2 in the first leg and 3-1 in the second leg, winning five consecutive games. The league also rose to eighth place (49 wins, 6 draws and 62 losses).

Although he won five consecutive games, he also consumed a lot of pitchers. Hanwha, which had eight pitchers on the mound against Kiwoom on the 8th, had three pitchers in the first round of the doubleheader and six pitchers in the second round. 17 pitchers took the mound in two days.

The problem is that Hanwha will also have to play a doubleheader with KT on the 17th. Choi Won-ho said on the 8th, ahead of the doubleheader, “But we still have a doubleheader at the dome stadium, so it’s a little better,” but added, “But if possible, it’s better not to do a doubleheader.” The remaining competition schedule is tighter than the pennant race. I was surprised to see the rest of the game schedule. We have to do a doubleheader at Gocheok and another doubleheader next Sunday,” he said, expressing the difficulties of the remaining game schedules. 토토사이트

“I personally think it would be better to play Monday at the beginning of the season when the weekend game is canceled due to rain,” Choi Won-ho said, adding, “I can afford to play Monday until the middle of the season.” “If it’s too late in May, if we play Monday when weekend games are canceled by June, we can reduce the remaining games we have to play later in the season by a little bit.”

“If there are too many remaining games in the second half of the season, such a difficult schedule will inevitably come out,” Choi Won-ho said. “In spring, it’s time for the players to be strong.” So it might be better to play a lot then. In the second half of the season, it is time for players to lose their physical strength and many injured players to come out. “It’s time for all the main players to get tired and especially veteran players to have a hard time,” he said, explaining that it’s better to play Monday at the beginning of the season.

Of course, Monday’s game is a big burden in the hot weather, where players consume a lot of physical strength. Choi Won-ho said, “In the summer, the players are having a hard time. July-August or June-August will be difficult to play on Monday, but I think it would be better to play a lot before that.”

Coach Choi Won-ho, who admitted, “There is an international competition after the end of the season this year, so we can’t postpone the schedule any longer,” worried, “It will be very difficult for a player to play until the postseason and go to an international competition this year.”

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