Former KBL President Kim Young-ki publishes ‘Basketball Man Kim Young-ki’ about his life in basketball

‘Basketball Man Kim Young-ki’, a book about the basketball life of former KBL president Kim Young-ki, has been published.

Written by Heo Jin-seok, a professor at the Korea National University of Physical Education, the book reviews Korean basketball since the liberation of Korea in 1945 and names Kim Young-ki of men’s basketball and Park Shin-ja of women’s basketball as historical figures who can change an era.

Speaking of former president Kim Young-ki, who showed his versatility as a basketball player, coach, broadcast commentator, and sports administrator, the author said, “Kim Young-ki, who sprouted from the undeveloped sports soil of Korea and secured international-level competitions, was a central figure who exerted a wide range of influences in the sports sector beyond basketball.

A former national basketball player, Kim served as vice president of the Korean Sports Federation in 1983, head coach of the Korean Olympic team in Los Angeles 바카라사이트 in 1984, and served as president of the KBL twice, in 2002 and 2014.

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