“Flexibility is certain.” Long-hitting rate of 0.909 catcher Kim Hyung-joon’s ‘existence’

Kim Hyung-joon’s batting average is 0.318 (7 hits in 22 at-bats) as of the 4th. Although there are not many samples because there are still few games (8 games), he continues to play exceptionally whenever he plays on the ground. In particular, five of the seven hits recorded (one double and four home runs) are long hits. The slugging percentage reaches 0.909.

NC batting coach Song Ji-man said, “I really want to thank the coaching staff, including the training part and the second-tier coach Gong Pil-sung,” adding, “The C (second division) team prepared well as a good player, so it came up at a really necessary time.” Hyeongjun seems to have certain flexibility. “He is a player who can produce long hits with power, and he also has flexibility to produce good results,” he said. Kim Hyung-joon, who has solid physique conditions (1m87cm in height and 98kg in weight), produces a long batting distance with a soft swing.

Kim Hyung-joon was a promising catcher in the national baseball league when he was in Sebong High School. NC, who valued him highly, selected him as the ninth overall pick in the second round of the 2018 rookie draft. Kim Hyung-joon, who made his debut in the first division in his first season, played 60 games as a backup resource. The following year, Yang Eui-ji (currently Doosan Bears) of the national team was recruited as a free agent (FA) and played two seasons as a backup and served in the Sangmu Baseball Team. The team’s expectations were high as the “second Yang Eui-ji” in that he is a big home prospect with abundant potential. 카지노사이트

Kim Hyung-joon underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction of his right knee at the Sangmu Baseball Team in August last year. He returned to the team after being discharged from the military in September, but devoted himself to rehabilitation for a while and failed to participate in the Arizona Spring Camp in February. To make matters worse, at the end of May, he stepped on the ball incorrectly and even damaged his right ankle ligament. He became a forgotten being as his return to the first division continued to be delayed, but he has continued his performance since returning to the first division on the 23rd of last month. He maintains a good flow not only in offense but also in defense.

Kim Hyung-joon was named in the final entry for the Hangzhou Asian Games in June. At the time, Cho Gye-hyun, chairman of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Power Reinforcement Committee, said, “The catcher position was the most thoughtful in the committee and the discussion time was the longest.” At that time, Kim Hyung-joon’s selection for the national team was unconventional because he was undergoing rehabilitation treatment from an ankle injury.

Wearing the Taegeuk mark with a question mark at the time of his return to the game can be interpreted as meaning that it was difficult to give up his potential. Kim Hyung-joon is proving his value after returning to the first division. NC manager Kang In-kwon, a former catcher, also praised him, saying, “He has enough qualities.”

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