Experience the magical adventure adventure experience in the sequel to NetApp

Mysterious Perspective:

The main theme of this slot is the help of a special feature, which is the main theme of this slot.The game is played in a cave filled with golden light where the ground is broken.In addition, games can be played on any device.

Unlike the first version, this sequel is augmented by the Megaway ™ Technician of the additional horizontal wheel by the additional horizontal wheel.Simply put, it’s a system that allows you to use almost unlimited combinations of Megaway™ slots. This is a system that can use 117 and 649 methods, respectively.This means that it can be achieved using stepwise and random multiplication, which means the number of each spin and random multiplication.

To win, players need to form a triggering function for a dynamic grid of 3 or 2-7 and a dynamic grid of 2-7 from the left.

The base lower limit is 10, J, Q, K, K, Q, high value bonus symbols are blue, orange, green, red, red, red, red, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, red, and competition has a base RTP of 96.07%, with maximum wins of 27018x to 27018x8x.

Slot Features: 바카라

Cascade – this function is triggered, just as the player is promoted to win.When activated, all symbols that participated in the championship allow birds to disappear from the ground and fill in the void.In addition, this function lasts as long as a player generates new wins.

Wild Symbols – Wild Symbols – Wild Symbols are symbols that help replace symbols that replace the word wildcard, such as oxide, with symbols that mark it.

Master Function – Player scatter point, this function is triggered when scrolling with the lamp.As triggered, the player automatically receives five wild features by rotating five free of charge, and offers four wild features: wild reel, wild reel, wild reel, wild reel, wild reel, wild reel, wild reel and random wild reel.However, if the player also has a new scatter through this free rotation, they will receive up to three active features at the same time.

If the player also has a scatter point, the free rotation will be reset to 5.Also, if three wild features are already triggered, they are first triggered.

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