Embarrassing “HERE WE GO” Real Legends take a peek at ’21-year-old MF’ who chose to move to Saudi Arabia

The move of the ‘Spanish prospect’ to Saudi Arabia was criticized.

Italian reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is familiar with the transfer market, said on the 24th, “Gabri Beiga (21, Celta Vigo)’s transfer to Al Ahli (Saudi) is imminent.” “HERE WE GO,” a representative phrase used when the transfer was confirmed, was also included.

However, Real Madrid legend Tony Cross made a “surprise appearance.” And Romano commented, “I’m ashamed” on the post posted on social networking services (SNS). He seems to have expressed regret over the talented young player’s trip to Saudi Arabia. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Vega was one of La Liga’s most popular midfielders this summer. As a native of Spain, he has excellent basic skills and is good at de-pressuring. In addition, the movement to receive the ball is observed and the shooting is excellent. There is also a good opinion on the production of attack points. He played in 40 games in all tournaments last season, scoring 11 goals and four assists.

It naturally attracted the attention of big clubs. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, including Manchester City, considered recruiting Bayga. However, Napoli was the most likely final destination. Reporter Romano also announced on the 18th that Vega’s trip to Naples was imminent.

However, he suddenly chose to transfer to Al Ahli. Al Ahli is said to have offered a better deal than Napoli. In the end, Vega’s transfer to Napoli collapsed overnight.

Soccer fans could not hide their shock. This summer, big European players chose to move to Saudi Arabia one after another. But the majority were players past their prime. Vega, on the other hand, chose money over honor at the age of 21.

Cross expressed his unusual regret. Cross has no special contact with Vega, but expressed regret that a young player with a bright future chose money.

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