“Do I have to think again about recruiting Asian players?” British reporter who shot Son Heung-min was rude…Tottenham manager Woo Moon-jin’s answer

Tottenham faced a crisis due to “captain” Son Heung-min’s participation in the Asian Cup. Son scored 12 goals and made five assists this season, marking his prime time again. Tottenham faces a maximum of five matches without Son, who participated in the Asian Cup.

Not just Son. Yves Bissouma (Côte d’Ivoire) and Pepe Sarr (Senegal) will also play at the Africa Cup of Nations, and will be away for a month. As this year’s Cup of Nations will be held in Ivory Coast, there are more expectations for Bissouma.

A British journalist asked, “Asian and African players will participate in tournaments during the season. Shouldn’t we consider recruiting players from these countries again when recruiting them from the Premier League in the future?” The comment was not to recruit Asian and African players who miss as much as a month during the season.

Postecoglou responded by saying, “I don’t like it. It’s because you lose your fantastic talent. In our team, we have a once-in-a-generation player from Asia who represents the club. If we lose about five weeks every four years in return, that’s very small.”

If he loses five weeks in exchange for spending four years on Son, it will be of great value to him. That is why if he does not recruit Son in the first place, the club will be the only one to lose. Postecoglou led the Australian national team at the 2015 Asian Cup, where he faced Son in the final to win 2-1. 슬롯사이트 순위

Postecoglou said, “I love international soccer. I don’t want to have a tight schedule, but it’s a very important competition for each country. It’s not just a soccer game. Players are playing in uniforms representing their country. Of course, I wish Son was here, but playing for the national team is also of great help to Son’s personal development.”

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