Deft Appreciated GODS, League of Legends World Championship

Deft Appreciated GODS “We will Win Worlds with Heosu and Geonbu”

‘GODS’, the theme song for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as Worlds), which will be held in Seoul and Busan this year, was released for the first time on the 4th.

GODS’ music video contains Deft’s (Kim Hyuk-gyu) journey to winning last year’s World Cup.

Global girl group New Jeans participated as the sole artist in this theme song project.

Deft, who attended the screening, expressed his determination to win the World Cup, saying, “I really want to see Showmaker (Heo Soo) and Canyon (Kim Geon-bu) win.” 안전놀이터

Riot Games has been releasing theme songs and music videos in line with the World Cup season since 2014.

This has been attracting attention as an element that adds to the excitement of Worlds Cup.

So far, they have performed theme songs on various themes such as Warriors (2014), RISE (2018), and STAR WALKIN’ (2022) with top artists such as ‘Imagine Dragons’ and ‘Lil Nas X’.

This year’s theme song, GODS, is performed by New Genes from ‘Adore’, a label under Hive Entertainment, and is garnering more attention.

Riot Games held a GODS music video screening at LoL Park located in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 4th.

At the event, Deft (Kim Hyuk-gyu), the main character who won the 2022 World Championship with ‘Miracle Run’, attended and watched the video with fans.

ast year, Deft won the World Cup after seven attempts and made his name known to the public with the meme, ‘The important thing is an unbreakable heart.’

At last year’s World Cup, the Korean national soccer team also used the phrase, making it a hot topic.

In the GODS music video, Faker (Lee Sang-hyuk), Meiko (Ten Ye), Keria (Ryu Min-seok), and Show Maker, who all graduated from Mapo High School like Deft, appeared, adding to the fun of watching.

In particular, the fact that Meiko and Keria played on the same team as Deft and met as enemies at last year’s World Cup was portrayed dramatically.

In the case of Showmaker, they were enemies in the past, but now they are on the same team, Dplus Kia, and are aiming to win this year’s World Cup.

Deft watched the music video together with about 400 fans.

After appreciating it, he said, “Until I won last year, (everything) was a process that only I knew about,” and “I am thankful that the processes that made me difficult seem to have made me shine in front of many people.”

He selected the scene where he is killed by Showmaker and the scene where he fights with Keria as impressive scenes.

When asked if he liked New Jeans, Deft said, “It’s so popular that it pops up even when I don’t look at it.

Thank you for making such a cool song.”

He also added, “I think I’ll probably be able to see (New Jeans) if I get to the finals, but I think I definitely have to go to the finals.”

Finally, when asked about his goal for this year’s World Cup, which opens on the 10th, Deft strengthened his resolve by saying, “I will definitely go higher than last year (win).”

He expressed his affection for his teammates, saying, “Last year, I really wanted to win for myself, but this year, I really want to see my teammates like Showmaker and Canyon win.”

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