Danish players choose weekends for gambling

As the report shows, the majority of stakes is made by the Danes on weekends. It is mostly connected with the fact that many football matches are held on Saturday or Sunday. This rate, however, is growing as in 2020, only twenty-two percent of all bets were placed during the days off. Another important statistical fact is connected with payday. It has been revealed that players prefer brick-and-mortar casinos with slot machines after they get wages. According to the diagram, the greatest upsurge usually takes place on the last days of the month. During these days, players spend money on gambling entertainment. The same tendency is also observed on Fridays. 파칭코

The Danes also prefer to play between certain hours. For example, they use slot machines from 3-4 p.m. Only a small part of all gamblers goes to casinos to play slots in the morning, and even a smaller part uses gaming machines at night. t. t. While gambling halls are closed after midnight, players still can find them in some restaurants and pubs.

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