Coach Enje Postecoglou said, “Sonny has great leadership on and off the field and is an ideal choice for a new captain.

We all know him as a world player and he has tremendous respect for everyone in the dressing room. Son Heung-min transcends the group. It’s not just because of popularity. It was achieved in the game,” he said, sending faith. 온라인카지노

Previously, Postecoglou praised Son Heung-min’s leadership. Earlier, Postecoglou responded vaguely to questions about the new captain. According to England’s Football London, Postecoglou said at a press conference, “It’s been decided, but I won’t say it. We will proceed with the process tomorrow. I observed how they interacted with the players and which players took the lead,” he replied. There was also a question that Son Heung-min is the most likely. “It’s not like a poll,” he said. There are already players who have contributed excellently to this club. “It’s not just experience or performance, but how they represent our club,” he explained. In the end, the captain was Son Heung-min.

Son Heung-min said, “I’m very honored to captain a huge club. It’s a very proud moment. I told the players that everyone should be like captain on and off the field. It’s a new season and a new beginning. I will give everything for this uniform and armband,” he said, expressing his determination to become Tottenham’s new captain. He expressed his feelings in more detail on his official YouTube. Son Heung-min said, “I learned (what became the captain) through the meeting. I was very surprised at first. It’s an amazing, proud moment. I feel indescribable It is a great honour to make a captain’s claim at Tottenham. It doesn’t matter who claims it. Of course, only one person takes the armband, but I think all players should be responsible. Told the squad to think they are all captains. Whether it’s on or off the field, that’s important. He said, “I wore the captain’s armband in a Tottenham uniform, so I’ll put everything into it.”

Also, Son Heung-min said, “Looking back in the past, there were fantastic claims. I learned a lot. Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane are Tottenham legends. I put everything into it for the club. I learned a lot. I try to do that, too. As a captain, I will do my best as a Tottenham man,” he said. Lloris and Kane are players who have worn Tottenham captain’s armband for a long time. Now he is Son Heung-min’s senior captain.

Son Heung-min, who walks the path of Lloris and Kane, said, “I have been with Tottenham for eight years, and as a player himself, I have to be more responsible as an old player and I have to lead the group as I am joining young players. I’m happy to be captain. It doesn’t matter who’s the captain, but it’s most necessary to win,” he said.

Then, a video of Postecoglou introducing captain Son Heung-min to the team was released. Son Heung-min, who was in front of the team, said, “It’s a really important season. As a captain, you have to take responsibility and play the season with a good heart. You have to work hard in training, too. Systematic preparation is important. It’s an important season. We have to unite as one. We have to move forward with the same goal,” he said. The Tottenham players were applauded to welcome a new captain. Coach Postecoglou once again mentioned Son Heung-min’s emphasis that “the captaincy is important, but all the players should lead and make the team.”

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