Challenge for promotion even after being notified of the breakup… Seol Ki-hyun and Gyeongnam’s ‘Stranger companion’

Gyeongnam FC will be accompanied by manager Seol Ki-hyeon (44) at least one more game. Gyeongnam has successfully advanced to the K League 2 Playoff (PO). Coach Seol, whose contract ends this year, was informed by his team that he could not renew his contract regardless of whether he was promoted or not. It is a strange coincidence that a coach who has been informed of his future fate and a team that is looking for a new coach will continue his journey toward promotion together.

South Gyeongsang Province drew 0-0 with Bucheon FC in the K League 2 semi-PO held at Changwon Football Center on the 29th of last month. According to the K League 2 PO regulations, South Gyeongsang Province, which has a higher rank in the regular league without extra time, has won the PO. The two teams previously tied at 57 points in the regular league, but South Gyeongsang Province, which was ahead in multiple points, played a semi-PO match in fourth place and Bucheon in fifth place. South Gyeongsang Province, which was able to reach the PO even though it was tied, advanced to the PO for the second consecutive year by blocking Bucheon’s wave of attacks throughout the game without allowing any points. 토토사이트 추천

Gyeongnam, which reached the K League 2 PO, will face Gimpo FC in the K League 2 PO at 4:30 p.m. on the 2nd at Gimpo Salter Football Stadium. The K League 2 PO will also be decided only during regular time without extra time. If there is a draw, Gimpo (3rd place), which has a higher rank in the regular league, will advance to the promotion PO. In last season’s K League 2 PO, Gyeongnam was also eliminated by drawing with FC Anyang without a goal. In order not to repeat the pain of the time, a goal is essential. The winning team of the K League 2 PO will compete with the 10th place in the K League 1 in the promotion PO in a home & away method.

Coach Seol Ki-hyun and Gyeongnam also increased their companionship by at least one more game as they headed to the K League 2 PO stage. If they advance to the promotion PO, they can play two more games. However, Gyeongnam will leave coach Seol Ki-hyun even if they are promoted. This is because the team has already been informed by the team that it cannot renew the contract regardless of promotion status. Although the contract ends this year, the team notified coach Seol even before the competition for promotion began.

It is time to focus all efforts to achieve the goal of promotion for the first time in five years since 2019. The leadership’s “early” notification of coach Seol’s future course of action will inevitably adversely affect not only coach Seol but also the mood of the national team. Even the names of candidates for the next coach are being mentioned. Against this backdrop, coach Seol has to lead Gyeongnam Province in a war for promotion.

If South Gyeongsang Province fails to win promotion to the K League 1 again, the leadership of the club, which has made the team atmosphere chaotic with premature notification, will also not be free from responsibility. Even if the team succeeds in promotion, it will leave an absurd precedent as the team that has defeated the coach who led the team in five years. There will inevitably be a lot of backbiting about the process and background of appointing a new head coach. The aftermath of not properly treating the coach who led the team for four years will inevitably hit the South Gyeongsang team.

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