Bogata Hotel Casino & Spa Holds Winter Poker Open

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa and its exclusive online registration and qualification partner, BetMGM Poker, announce the return of the Borgata Winter Poker Open, which runs from January 1 to 26, 2024. The series consists of 22 major events with a $10 million warranty and 20 secondary and satellite events.

“Borgata is the best game destination on the East Coast, and it includes our global poker tournament,” said Kelly DeSelis, director of poker operations. “After the success of last year’s tournament, The Return, we are delighted to offer a poker open series and once again offer many options for championship poker in Borgata.” 안전놀이터

Throughout December 2023 and January 2024, BetMGM Poker will offer a weekly Borgata Winter Poker Open package that includes multiple tournament events, Borgata hotel stays and other travel benefits. BetMGM Poker also offers night seat only qualifiers for kick-off, all Mighty Million, mystery bounce and championship events. Starting December 3, 2023, players can book or register online for $20,000 for Borgata Winter Poker Open Seats online through the BetMGM Poker app. Borgata Poker offers the opportunity to participate in major events at 16 sites as part of the winter poker open schedule, seven of which will earn seats for the Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship.

“BetMGM Poker is looking forward to collaborating with Bogata in another thrilling omnichannel event,” said Luke Staudenmeyer, director of BetMGM Poker. “With online qualifiers as low as $2 we’re looking forward to seeing rookies and experienced players equally involved in this.”

The Borgata Winter Poker Open begins with an event that Borgata players know and love – a kickoff event featuring an $800 acquisition and a $2,000,000 guarantee. The second week of the opening will feature a $500 Almighty Million Event with a $1,000,000 Guarantee. Borgata’s flagship Almighty Stack is one of the largest starting stacks in the U.S. at $100,000. The third week of the Open will be branded as Mystery & Mix Week, anchored by Borgata “Half a Millie” Mystery Bounty, a popular return player who guarantees a $2,200 acquisition and pays a $500,000 top mystery bounty.

This week, a variety of mixed tournament events will take place every day, including Omaha High Row events, H.O.S.E. events, and $100,000 guaranteed PLO Championship $1,100.

The final week of the opening will feature the Bogata Winter Poker Open Championship, a five-day no-limit holdm event with a $5,300 buy-in and a $3,000,000 deposit. Just days before the BWPO Championship event, participants will be able to enjoy higher buy-in and large prize money at the 8 Max event ($2,100 buy-in, $300,000 deposit and 6 Max event ($1,500 buy-in, $200,000 deposit).

The Borgata Winter Poker Open main event schedule also includes Ladies Championship and Senior Championship. Additional main events include Borgata Big Chip Bounty and a new Monster Stack Big Chip Bounty, with players getting $500 for each player they remove. Both tournaments come with a pool of prize money guaranteed $100,000. Saturday Series guarantees $100,000 for the first weekend and $200,000 for the second weekend. Borgata also brings back the dip, dip, dip and dip series for three special evening main events with guaranteed $225,000 to wrap up its 24-day open schedule with the new Borgata mini-mystery bounty. $550 buy-in event with $250,000 guaranteed and a top prize of $50,000.

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