Blumenfield and Co. are fans’ favorite roles

Pascale Elsair lovingly watched as her new celebrity boyfriend Neil Blumenfield signed autographs and posed for photos with poker fans around the world.

Blumenfield had just been knocked out of the main event of the Poker World Series at the Rio All-Sweet Hotel & Casino in third place, behind runner-up Josh Beckley and champion Joe McKeon, but that wasn’t the case until he became a bit of a folk hero over the past few days. Wearing a fedora hat and scarf, the 61-year-old former software executive from San Francisco could easily take root not only because he was one of the senior politicians in the final, but also because he was the only amateur.

Elsair, who has been dating Blumenfield since we met online two years ago, wasn’t surprised to see him become a fan favorite. 바카라

“He’s someone that Americans tend to fall for,” said Elsair, who is from Paris and speaks with a thick French accent. “He’s an American dream. He climbed to the top without starting anywhere.”

Not only that, but in every respect, Blumenfield is really a very nice guy, something Elsair was wary of early in their relationship.

“I had the idea that he was a wonderful person, but I was always wrong about men,” she laughed. “Turns out he was the one I’ve been waiting for all my life to meet. So, now I tell all women to never give up. There is always someone for you.”

Elsair does not gamble or play poker, but her father Pierre, who died 25 years ago, was an enthusiastic and a very good card player.

“Neil reminds me of my father so much; I think he looked down on me and helped me meet him,” she said fondly. “I loved him very much, like any little girl. He had a teenage soul and me and Neil were. It was just fate, I guess.”

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