Better Partners With Kaizen Gaming To Make inroads In Greece

BETER, a leading provider of next-generation betting content and data covering esports, fast sports, iGaming solutions, and live casino products, is pleased to partner with Kaizen Gaming, one of Greece’s leading game tech companies and one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. In addition, this B2B online game market, Betbazar, has supported the recruitment of one more top operator.

With this partnership, BETER plans to enter the new regulatory market, the Greek regulatory market, to introduce the latest content to new customers. Under the agreement, Kaizen Gaming will have access to BETER’s e-sports and sports content, including the world-famous Seca Cup table tennis competition and players’ favorite E-sports battle competition, and additional training will soon take place. 카지노사이트위키

Meanwhile, Kaizen Gaming will enjoy popularity by combining its portfolio with the best content produced by Better, fully customized and customized to meet its needs and expectations, meaning the company can look forward to further consolidating its presence and expanding its portfolio across Greece in the future. It will also increase player immersion by adding new invisible content to your portfolio.

In addition, Christos Tzalavras, Senior Director of Sports & CX at Kaizen Gaming, said in an official press release, “Kaizen Gaming’s goal is to bring players the most engaging and dynamic content available, and by partnering with BETER, we are strengthening our portfolio and delivery to all our customers. BETER’s content is a proven hit for audiences, and we want to work closely with them and further expand our partnership in the near future.”

In addition, Betbazar’s COO, Max Sevostianov, said, “We are excited for Kaizen Gaming to join our growing network of partners with Betbazar’s valuable support. This collaboration represents an important step in redefining the iGaming environment.”

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