Bet99 Announces Comprehensive Partnership With US Integrity

Today, US Integrity announced that it has entered into a comprehensive partnership with Bet99, a leading online sports book in the Canadian market.

“The integrity of the sports betting experience is of utmost importance at BET99, and we are excited to work with U.S. Integrity as we ensure an optimal and safe online experience for the Canadian market,” says Jared Beber, CEO of BET99. “A proactive approach to maintaining the integrity of U.S. Integrity will play an important role in detecting potentially questionable betting activity.”

U.S. Integrity performs analysis across dozens of datasets to proactively identify irregular contest levels, officiating and betting patterns, and provide integrity monitoring services through its own dashboard for Bet99. 파칭코

“U.S. Integrity is proud to partner with BET99 to help grow its brand across the Canadian regulated sports betting market,” said Matthew Holt, CEO and Co-Founder of U.S. Integrity. He continued, “U.S. Integrity’s mission is to provide customers with the best class insights and compliance solutions without conflict.

We are looking forward to working with BET99’s outstanding team. All of our partners are committed to the highest standards of integrity, and they are no exception. This type of partnership helps ensure sports betting integrity and strengthens the unique and proprietary anomaly detection tools developed by U.S. Integrity.”

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