Baseball team leader acquitted on suspicion of receiving bribes from parents

A Gwangju-area high school baseball team leader who was suspected of receiving money from parents was cleared of charges.According to the police on the 20th, Gwangju Gwangsan Police Station sent baseball team leader A, who was accused of violating the law on the prohibition of improper solicitation and receiving bribes, with ‘no charges’.

A ‘no charge’ decision is a decision that the person cannot be punished due to a lack of evidence or because a crime has not been established under the law.The Gwangju City Office of Education requested a police investigation in September of last year when a complaint was filed that Mr. A had received money from a parent.The Office of Education also conducted an audit, but determined that Mr. A had not received any money or 스포츠토토존 valuables from parents.

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