Bae Junho’s ankle? Coach Hwang Sunhong said, “Back neck.”

It is still unclear whether Bae Joon-ho, the ace player for the U-23 national men’s soccer team who plays for Stoke City in the English second division, will be able to join the “Hwangseon Hongho.” Stoke seems to be showing no signs of getting out of the third division relegation crisis. Stoke was defeated 0-3 on the road against Swansea City in round 42 of the 2023-2024 EFL Championship at Swansea Dotcom Stadium in Swansea, Wales on the 11th. Bae Joon-ho started as an attacking midfielder with a 4-2-3-1 format in the game, but was replaced as soon as the second half began.

Stoke failed to accumulate points due to the defeat on the day, and ranked 19th. He is only three points shorter than Sheffield Wednesday, which ranks 22nd in the relegation zone. He has been sluggish in recent three games with no wins (two draws and one loss), and with only four games left until the end of the season, he cannot guarantee his staying in the second division.

Due to the risk of Stoke’s relegation from the third division, Hwang Sun-hong, who is trying to advance to the finals for 10 consecutive Olympics, is also on alert. Earlier, Bae Jun-ho was listed on the 23-member U-23 Asian Cup, which doubles as a qualifying match for the Paris Olympics, as chances are growing that Stoke will refuse to recruit Bae. As the Olympic qualifying round is not an event hosted by FIFA, there is no obligation to recruit players. Earlier, Coach Hwang also said in a press conference held after accepting the interim coach of the national team, “As the overseas players’ team is in the middle of a season, we may change our attitude regarding recruiting players.”

As a multiplayer who can play all two positions including winger and attacking midfielder, Bae has strong sense and creative play, which is his biggest strength. In addition, he has drawn attention from competitions of different age groups due to his excellent ability to engage in physical fight and pressure off. Bae Jun-ho played the leading role in the semi-finals of the FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Argentina last year. Watchers say that it was possible because Bae did not lose ground against players with good physical conditions such as Nigeria and Italy and played with soft pressure off the team. The EFL Championship, the league in which Bae currently plays, is famous for being the toughest body fight among the major European leagues.

Bae Jun-ho also proved his true value in the Saudi friendly tournament, which he participated in as a last resort ahead of the U-23 Asian Cup. He assisted Um Ji-sung (Gwangju) in the final goal with a sensuous roping pass in the semifinal match against Saudi Arabia. However, Stoke took him ahead of the final match, raising concerns over his refusal to recruit him. Hwang Sun-hong played without Bae in the match against Saudi Arabia, the last warm-up match in preparation for the U-23 Asian Cup, and lost 0-1.

Yang Hyun-joon (Celtic) and Kim Ji-soo (Brentford), who were the core players of offense and defense who made the list, were already excluded from the final list due to their team’s refusal to be drafted. If Bae Joon-ho is also excluded from the final list, it will be a huge loss to Hwang’s capability. 안전한 파워볼사이트

The Korean team had an adaptation training session in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, and arrived in Doha, Qatar, the site of the 2014 World Cup finals. Korea, which belongs to Group B, will play against UAE on Wednesday, China on Wednesday, and Japan on Tuesday.

A total of 3.5 tickets for the Olympic finals are up for grabs at the U-23 Asian Cup in Qatar. The top three teams will go straight to the finals, while the fourth-place team will compete with the African Guineas through the playoffs.

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