Altuve Reversed With Reversed Guns…a miraculous reversal drama

Altuve worked in an atmosphere that allowed Houston to sink completely. Texas tried to keep the win by leaving it to Jose LeClark until the top of the ninth inning. However, leadoff hitter pinch hitter Yiner Díaz got a hit, pinch hitter John Singleton got a walk and connected it to a chance with no outs and runners on first and second, and Altuve scored a three-point turnaround to the left to turn the game around. LeClark’s changeup was rolled up properly to turn the game around 5-4. 파친코

Houston left Ryan Pressley to finish in the bottom of the ninth. Presley was suddenly on the mound due to a bench-clearing incident in the bottom of the eighth inning. Presley seemed to offer Texas a chance to fight back by allowing a hit to the first two batters, but he kept the victory without giving up a follow-up hit. Presley won the game with two scoreless innings and a perfect pitch.

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