“13 hits exploded.” KIA’s form is crazy! Na Sung-beom + Kim Do-young’s ‘Daepo’ that destroyed the national pitcher…9 consecutive wins in 3,730 days since 2013, ‘bullying’

I don’t think I’ll ever going to lose. It proved that there is a reason why he is running at the top of the batting average in the second half. The KIA Tigers have won nine consecutive games in 3730 days with 13 hits. 온라인카지노

KIA won the away match against the Doosan Bears in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 6th, winning 7-1 in Game 11 of the season, winning nine consecutive games. It was a very valuable win because it was a series that had to take the lead in order to increase the possibility of advancing to the postseason.

The showdown was very important for KIA and Doosan, who are fiercely competing for tickets to the postseason. Before the game, the gap between the two teams was close enough to be only three games, because if Doosan took the lead in the series, it could have a chance to narrow the gap with KIA, and if KIA wins at least a “winning series” against Doosan, it could resist Doosan’s pursuit. KIA smiled in the first showdown, which could be a “fountain” for entering the fall baseball league.

On this day, KIA starter “Ace” Thomas Panoni won his fourth win of the season with a quality start (less than three earned runs in six innings) with 98 pitches, three hits, no outs, and seven strikeouts in six innings. And in the batting line, Na Sung-bum hit a two-run home run in the final, two hits (one home run) in four at-bats, two RBIs and one walk, and Kim Do-young soared to two hits (one home run) in five at-bats, taking the lead in nine consecutive wins. And Socrates Brito, who was “birthday,” helped with two RBIs, Park Chan-ho scored two hits and one RBI in five at-bats, and Choi Won-jun scored two hits and one run in four at-bats.

Due to the rain that poured ahead of the start of the game the previous day (5th), the showdown between Doosan and KIA was once canceled. In response, Doosan put “native ace” Kwak Bin on behalf of Choi Won-joon, and KIA also put off the mound of Hwang Dong-ha, a substitute starter for Mario Sanchez, and put “ace” Thomas Panoni, who has a bad recent appearance, but has a high chance of winning. This shows how important the two teams are to face off.

It was Kwak Bin’s landslide victory in his career. Panoni, who wore KIA’s uniform as an alternative foreign player last year and this year, had two runs and a 3.60 ERA in five innings in one game against Doosan. On the other hand, Kwak Bin was very strong with two wins, no losses, and a 1.59 ERA in two games against KIA this year, and his career record was also 5 wins, 2 losses, and 1 hold average of 3.46 in 15 games (9 starts), making him a “tiger killer.” However, KIA laughed completely in the starting showdown.

The early stages of the game were tense. Kwak Bin, who pitched first, was on the verge of losing a point in the first inning by giving a hit to Kim Do-young and a walk to Na Sung-bum, but escaped the crisis by catching Choi Hyung-woo and Socrates Brito in a decisive situation and allowing Kim Sun-bin to hit and steal in the second inning.

Kwak Bin struggled a little from the start, but Panoni was not superfluous. Panoni allowed Kim Jae-ho to make his first hit in the bottom of the first inning without a runner with one out, but struck out all the follow-up batters leading to Jose Rojas-Yang Eui-ji and got off to a scoreless start. And in the second inning, he threw a 117km curve for Yang Seok-hwan, a 120km curve for Kim Jae-hwan, and a 143km fastball for Kang Seung-ho, striking out three batters in a row, recording a three-way shutout inning.

Their joys and sorrows began to be divided from the third inning. Kwak Bin gave Na Sung-bum a two-run home run in the top of the third inning, while Panoni once again tied the Doosan lineup with a clean pitch. And Kwak Bin couldn’t go beyond the fourth inning. Kwak Bin gave up four runs in the top of the fourth inning alone, including a two-run shot by Kim Do-young, and ended the game with four runs (four earned runs) in 3⅓3 innings.

Panoni was solid with the support of the batters. Panoni grounded out Kim Jae-ho to first baseman and hit Rojas to right field in the bottom of the fourth inning, but finished the inning without a crisis. And he continued his cruise with another three-way exit in the fifth inning, and also took the mound in the sixth inning to overcome the crisis of losing two outs and third base, completing his mission and going down the mound.

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