Yoo Hyun-joo and Ahn So-hyun drove many galleries in the first and second rounds of the “BC Card-Hankyung Ladies Cup 2022”

Yoo Hyun-joo started in the same group as Yoon-na and Park Seo-hyun at 7:50 a.m. in the first round. As it was the first tournament on the regular tour, his determination was different. After checking the ball with his fellow players, he warmed up lightly by stretching and focused only on practicing shots. Yoo Hyun-joo, who hit the tee shot for the first time, made the ball with a serious expression. As he moved for the second shot, he smiled briefly at the reporters and headed for the second shot. Yoo Hyun-joo reduced one stroke in the second round, but was eliminated from the cut by tying for 94th place with a total of four over par 148. Ahn So-hyun, who is loved by fans for his surprising beauty and overwhelming physique, also participated in the regular tour for the first time. Ahn So-hyun joined KLPGA in 2013 and won the ninth game of the KLPGA Dream Tour in 2016. Ahn So-hyun will participate in the regular tour 10 months after the Daeyu Winia and MBN Women’s Open held in August last year.

Ahn So-hyun got off to a good start with a birdie on the first hole of the first round. But he recorded bogeys on the third and sixth holes. In the second half, he recorded bogeys on the 11th, 13th to 4th holes, and 18th holes. He recorded 76 strokes with two birdies and six bogeys in total. In 2022, Ahn So-hyun is steadily making up for his shortcomings and building up his physical strength on the dream tour. Ahn So-hyun, who wants to make up for the slump in the first round of the regular tour, which he played for the first time this season, said, “I will fight back with a more aggressive shot.” In the second round, he was cut to 150 strokes in six over par with two overs. 토토사이트

Ahn So-hyun will also participate in the regular tour of “McCall and Mona Park Open with SBS Golf,” which will be held in Birch Hill from the 1st of next month. Meanwhile, Park Min-ji added the championship two weeks after winning the Celltrion Queens Masters. He has three wins this season and 13 career wins. Park Min-ji entered the extension with Park Ji-young with a total of 12-under 204. Park Min-ji made a birdie putt and confirmed the victory while Park Ji-young finished par on the 18th hole. Yoon Na, who shared the lead with Park Min-ji from the first round, tied for third with 11-under 205, Oh Ji-hyun and Lee So-mi tied for fourth with 10-under 206, Seo Eun-eun and Lim Jin-hee tied for sixth with 9-under 207, and Lee So-young, Yoo Hae-ran, Jeon Ye-sung and Lee Ga-young tied for eighth with 8-under 208.

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